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Booking Form For Your Italian Wedding

Part One:

Thank you for choosing Weddings Made In Italy to book your Italian wedding.  Once the booking form is fully completed, you can send it through to your wedding coordinator by post or by email (must have your signature) so we suggest that it is scanned and sent as an attachment. Full details regarding our correspondence address is located at the end of the Terms & Conditions.  Please ensure that you also read and sign our terms and conditions. We will be unable to confirm any of the services without the completed booking form.  The booking form will be subject to the proposal provided to you with prices which you would already have received from us.

This booking form will allow us to go ahead and confirm the services you have requested. Please ensure that you are happy with all the details before going ahead with the booking and please ensure that you provide your credit card/debit card details.   These details will be used as guarantee only.  This booking form together with our  will form our contract between you and us, Weddings Made in Italy. You must be fully aware at all times regarding how we work and here is a simple breakdown of the procedures regarding the planning of your wedding in Italy. 


  1. If you are happy to go ahead we will need you to fill in all the areas of this form which we have highlighted for you in pink.

  2. If at this point you do not have the full details of your witnesses, this will not be a problem, but we will require these details at a later stage so please make a note to provide these when you have them available as we may not be able to remind you and this is an important piece of information. Please ensure that you also send us copies of their passports.  When we receive your signed booking form and terms and conditions and copies of your passports, we will send this on to the relevant authorities and service providers to confirm your wedding.

  3. Once we have requested the deposits etc for the various components of your wedding, it is important to note that the deposits will be non refundable.   

  4. We strongly advise you to take out adequate travel and wedding insurance to cover you from any eventuality.  We do not provide you with this option as we feel that there are far more competitive options in the market and we are not insurance brokers.

  5. If for any reasons the date and time is not available, we will advise you of availability as close to the date and time as possible and as soon as we are ourselves informed.

  6. When we have confirmed your wedding date and time, a confirmation invoice with full confirmation details will be issued.   We will then issue PART TWO which will look at all the detailed arrangements for your wedding. 

Part Two: Important Information:


  1. It may be possible that the town hall or the consulates or the Italian authorities may increase their fees throughout the year.  Any increases will be passed on to you.  This increase may happen in the year of your wedding or one or two months before your wedding day.  Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this and have to pass the cost on to you. The increases are not that high so your budget will not be seriously affected. 

  2. PART TWO which will be sent off to you when we receive all the signed documents and deposits, will go through your complete day and will ask you to review a range of ancillaries and services which you may not have thought of.  It is important to go through these details, and to mark all your requirements.  This will only be sent on to you when we receive your initial deposit. Some of the details you will already have booked so please ignore these and just concentrate on the items which have not been included. 

  3. When full and final payment has been received, you will be issued with a FULL WEDDING ITINERARY with all the details of everybody involved in your wedding day and a full itinerary of the complete day.  The complete wedding itinerary will only be sent through to you on receipt of final payment. 

  4. Please be advised that in case of divorce, the bride must be divorced for up to 300 days as if not the wedding cannot go ahead. There is the possibility of getting married but it is a very lengthy process and is not really worth the time and the cost.

  5. Your appointed wedding coordinator will be communicated to you, and she will be following your wedding from now until the wedding itinerary has been provided. Please be advised that if for any reason you are not happy with the service provided by your coordinator, it is important that you advise her of this and pinpoint the difficulties that you are encountering so that she can adjust herself to your specific requirements.   If for any reason you feel that you wish to make a formal complaint about your personal wedding coordinator, please send an email to attention Complaints, who will deal with this matter on your behalf and resolve any issues you may have.  Our main objective here at Weddings Made in Italy is to ensure that the booking procedure is as “enjoyable” as possible and that the wedding day and your whole Italian experience is perfect. 

Part Three – Your Personal Details:

Bride's Daytime Number:

Groom's Daytime Number:

Bride's Mobile number if different from above:

Groom's Mobile Number if different from above:

Bride's email address:

Groom's email address:

Best time to call you if required:

Full postal address: 

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