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A perfectly preserved 17th century stately home in the centre of Genoa, surrounded by large gardens with a view of the sea and overlooking the city. The villa provides a setting of great prestige for organising cocktail parties, private or working lunches, dinners and ceremonies, events, meetings, exhibitions, fashion shows or photographic and video sessions.

Genoa is at your feet. Surrounded by an evocative private park of almost 30.000 square metres. The hustle of the city is only a memory whilst in the garden of the Villa, the perfect location to host a cocktail party or seated dinner for up to 1500 guests and 130 parking slots. In daylight, the villa is reflected in the central pool of the park, while at night it is the latter which stands out. Up to 1500 guests can be accommodated in the garden.

You then have the main villa, which throughout the centuries this ancient dwelling belonged to some of the most prominent Genoese aristocratic families. The historical villa boasts many superbly preserved frescoes and neoclassic decorations from the 17th century. With 10 elegant and luxuriously painted halls by a variety of esteemed artist such as Domenico Piola are distributed among two floors. The ‘piano nobile’ hosts up to 260 seated guests, allowing them to admire the city of Genoa from the balcony that runs along the whole façade: about 300 persons can be seated on the ground floor, from which you may access the garden as well as an elegant gazebo adjacent to the villa where 100 more seats are available. We classify this venue as 5-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 4445o.

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