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  • How We Work
    Each of our proposals are unique and tailored to your specific requirements. We spend a lot of time in its creation, looking at your request and advising you accordingly. When you contact us with your ideas, we will offer you a 1-hour free consultation. Once you have agreed to the general outline of your wedding, we will send you some possible venue options for you to review. Once you agree to a possible option we put together a proposal for you. With each proposal, a lot of time is spent and this is to ensure that your wedding is perfect so please allow up to 72 hours as a minimum. If we are able to provide the proposal sooner we will. If you then decide to go ahead with your Italian wedding, the initial non refundable admin fee of £ 875.00 is payable. It is also very important to note that If we feel that your budget is unrealistic for the type of wedding you are hoping to enjoy, we will advise you of this immediately.
  • What If I Want A Ready-Made Package
    Our weddings are bespoke and we do not provide a standard package as such, however our initial proposal is like a package as there will be elements which cannot be separated.
  • Important Things To Consider When Booking A Wedding In Italy
    If you do decide to book with a wedding company or planner in Italy, apart from the obvious, it is important to know the following. There are some great planners out there but just ensure that you check the basics... a) Where the company is based - This is important as you need to know what law to apply. b) Make sure you know the legal entity of the company you will be using c) Is there a valid telephone number or are you just dealing with a mobile/whatsapp number d) When booking a travel package inclusive of flights and accommodation or accommodation and car hire for example, ensure that the company booking it for you has the necessary licenses in place. We work in partnership with the Italian Connection & Spirito Italiano which is ATOL and ABTA registered. e) Make sure that you know where the company is registered. f) Ensure that the company has been trading for the amount of time indicated and ask the company to provide proof of this. Usually it is quite easy for them to do. g) Does the company take credit or debit cards as this can sometimes demonstrate the legitimacy of the company/sole trader. As far as we are concerned.... a) Weddings Made in Italy Ltd is based in the UK b) Weddings Made in Italy is a company and the company number is 03772840. Incorporated on the 18th May 1999 and before this, the company was trading as The Italian Connection (London) Ltd 03163471 which was incorporated on the 23rd February 1996. Before this date, the company was trading as a sole trader, since 1990. c) Our landline is UK 01424 728901 d) Because we are based in the UK, you will be covered by UK law e) Our partners known as The Italian Connection and Spirito Italiano has all the necessary licenses in place. It has ABTA and ATOL f) All the companies mentioned are based in the UK. g) The amount of time we have been trading is answered above and all you need to do is to check the Companies House web site. h) All our companies take credit and debit cards. Hope the information provided is sufficient for your needs, however if there is anything you need, just contact your wedding coordinator/travel consultant who will be able to answer all your questions.
  • How Long In Advance Do We Need To Be In The Country?
    We always recommend that you are here at least 2 working days before the wedding day as there are certain formalities which need to take place. Subject to where you are coming from and where you are getting married, it may be best to set aside more time and the more time, the better as it will also allow you to have a hair and makeup trial for example, get used to your surroundings and get acclimatised and so forth. It will also give you the time to do any last minute preparations and to go through your itinerary with your wedding coordinator and suppliers on the ground if required.
  • Can I Get Married In Italy If I Have Only Been Divorced For 299 days?
    It depends... if you are the bride, the answer is No. You could do but the procedure is very long and quite complicated and will end up being quite expensive. The bride must be divorced for over 300 days and the date of your divorce must be confirmed on your divorce pepers. If you are the groom, there are no restrictions at all.
  • Where Can I Get Married?
    We offer coverage throughout Italy, so you can choose any location you prefer. Simply provide us with an idea of the type of venue you have in mind, and we will gladly offer advice and present you with a range of options to consider. It's important to note that in Italy, there are no restrictions, and the licensing requirement differs from that in the UK. Here, it is the person officiating the wedding who needs the license, not the venue itself. This unique aspect opens up numerous possibilities for couples to tie the knot at their dream location.
  • Can We Have A Religious Ceremony?
    Of course you can. This can either take place in a church or chapel (catholic or protestant), in a synagogue and protestant ceremonies can also take place outside a church from a terrace to a hotel, a private villa to a garden.
  • What Is The Best Time To Get Married?
    The ideal time for your wedding depends on the location you choose. If you plan to tie the knot in the southern part of Italy, we recommend aiming for mid-April. For central Italy, mid-May would be more suitable, while mid-June is preferable for northern Italy. It's important to note that July and August can be scorching hot, with temperatures reaching the high 30s/40s. Additionally, these months often bring intense thunderstorms and heavy downpours due to the high humidity levels. The combination of extreme heat and unpredictable weather can make it quite uncomfortable however it will depend on where you are located. Of course if it is a city then it will be uncomfortable but a villa in the mountains overlooking the sea? Heaven! Remember that the summer months are also the peak tourist season, resulting in crowded venues and a lack of the authentic Italian experience. Considering all these factors, we highly recommend considering September as an alternative. This month offers pleasant weather and a more relaxed atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for your wedding. September remains favourable until mid to late October, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Italy without the discomfort and crowds associated with the summer months.
  • Can We Come To See The Venues....?
    Of course you can. Subject to where you go and visit, we have a charge which will be refunded in full if you decide to book your Italian wedding with us. Further details will be provided when we know when, where and with whom. The fee ranges from £ 75 + VAT to £ 175 + VAT. If you are happy to visit the locations on your own, we will arrange the appointment for you and no fee will be required. Please be advised that some owners will not allow guests to visit unless they are accompanied so do bear this in mind.
  • When Do We Pay and What Do you Accept?
    We will advise you of the payment procedures and our terms and conditions provides full details. We try to be flexible and work hard to try and assist you where we can. As far as payments, it is possible to pay in euros if required and in sterling. Both options can only be paid by bank transfer. You can pay by credit card or debit card for small sums of £ 500.00 only. We do not accept payment by company credit/debit card nor do we accept payment by American Express.
  • What Documents Are Required To Get Married In Italy?
    At the moment the procedures are simple and we will take you through this as to be able to advise you properly we need to receive your booking form as this will provide us with details regarding your citizenship, nationality and other items which will then determine what needs to be done. We will advise you of the procedures as soon as we receive your booking form.
  • How Much Do You Charge?
    We do not charge our clients directly. Instead, our earnings are based on the commission we receive from our suppliers. Once we provide you with a detailed proposal outlining the contents of your wedding package, you will be given a final price. This price will be the total amount you will pay, with no hidden charges or additional percentages to calculate. Everything will be clearly stated within the proposal. To begin planning your wedding, we require a booking fee of £875.00 (+ VAT) for guest counts below 20, £975.00 (+ VAT) for guest counts between 21 and 49, and £1500 (+ VAT) for guest counts between 50 and 80. If you have more than 80 guests, we will inform you of the appropriate booking fee to consider. Our aim is to ensure transparency and professionalism throughout the planning process. We want to provide you with a stress-free experience, knowing that the price you agree upon is the final amount you will pay. If you would like to select your own wedding venue, we are more than happy to provide administrative support in terms of booking venues, translating emails, and reviewing terms and conditions. Additionally, we offer a variety of services to assist you. In order to avail these services, a fee of £1750 + VAT is applicable, which must be paid in advance. This fee covers the following services: 24/7 availability with your wedding planner One planner throughout the booking stage Full details and information regarding the paperwork procedures Liaison with the venue on your behalf and any discounts/offers available will be negotiated and passed on to you Ensuring that any budget constraints and legal contracts with the venue/suppliers are checked Liaison with our proven suppliers and ensuring that any discounts/offers available will be negotiated and passed on to you Providing you with our expertise regarding saving money, who is responsible for what, ideas and suggestions, ensuring that your wedding vision is kept on track, considerations that you may not be aware of, ensuring that there is no misunderstandings between you and the venue/supplier due to any language barriers Coordination of the whole wedding planning and not only one aspect and ensuring that each element of the wedding planning flows properly Ensuring that there are no hidden costs and ensuring that you are aware of each cost. We will keep a record of all costs which you can review on a weekly or monthly basis Once everything has been agreed we will create your wedding itinerary which we will send to everyone involved in your wedding and which you will also have. We will however before the big day send you drafts to review on a regular basis so that any inconsistencies are ironed out immediately
  • How Long Is The Ceremony?
    It depends on the ceremony you are having and also on the number of readings and the pieces of music selected.....for town hall weddings, the duration is about 20/30 minutes at a push, for catholic weddings... up to 1 hour and all other weddings, we would say about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Just note that all this timing is indicative and will be subject to a range of variations.
  • Do You Have Other Venues Apart From The Ones On Your Site? And Do You Work With Other Venues?
    Our site is really here to give you inspiration and an indication of what is possible and available to you, there is just so much available, so to have it all on one site would be nigh impossible. We do work with other venues and would be happy to communicate with other venues on your behalf, however this would be subject to a cost as already indicated
  • I Only Need You To Coordinate The Ceremony Part is that OK?
    Unfortunately we will not be able to assist you. We can only work with you if we are organising the whole event as it allows us to ensure that everything runs to our and of course your satisfaction. In certain situations we can look at your requirements and see if we can help. This is more likely in low season as our mid to high season is often very busy
  • Do You Sell Packages?
    Our packages are organised on a bespoke level, so you decide on the venue and we provide you with a proposal which provides you with the main fixed costs to celebrate your wedding here at the venue. We do sell wedding packages and they will be tailored to your specific requirements and budget. The beauty is that you get to see the cost in one fail swoop. We try to provide you with all the main fixed costs to consider and will also advise you of the extra to set aside to ensure that the wedding of your dreams can be delivered. Here is a sample wedding package for you to review... Accommodation for the bride and groom and guests if required Transport for the bride and groom and guests if required Set up for the wedding ceremony and the reception and décor for the venue where required Celebrant who will celebrate your wedding All paperwork and legalities for the Italian part included Interpreter for the wedding and for the declaration if required Coordinator on site if required or the coordinator will stay with you for the duration of the ceremony and the start of the reception. However it is also possible to have a coordinator for the whole day and up to 24 hours if required. Our coordinators who are on the ground can stay with you for the duration required. Advice and information provided during the booking process Everything else is provided to you on a separate basis and cost. We can also assist with excursions by boat, private tours, sightseeing, pizza party, pool party, pasta party, barbecue, private chefs, marquees, products from Italy to give that Italian flavour, favours, hair and makeup, hen and stag parties, massages… the list goes on.
  • Can You Help With Flights, Accommodation, Transfers, Car Hire, Excursions etc.....?"
    "Absolutely, we've got you covered! Explore the wonders of Italy with our exclusive range of tailor-made holidays and unforgettable honeymoons. Discover the essence of Italian beauty and culture through our meticulously crafted itineraries. As proud members of the industry, we are fully bonded and hold all the necessary licenses, ensuring your peace of mind throughout your journey. For a dose of inspiration and a plethora of ideas, look no further than our website. Let us help you transform your travel dreams into reality!"
  • Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner?
    We love this question. The matter at hand is that if you have an abundance of time at your disposal, it is possible that you may not require the services of a wedding planner and can manage the preparations on your own. However, it is important to note that undertaking such a task demands a significant amount of time, effort, and occasionally, financial resources. Having been in this profession for an extensive period, we have identified several crucial points that we believe are worth considering. 1. We are your one single point of contact throughout. You do not have to converse with different people at different times. You talk to us and we will deal with whatever you need. Each wedding we design is about assisting you in the best way possible guiding you through everything and guaranteeing the perfect wedding. 2. We are bilingual so we understand the Italian part and can then easily translate it and convey the message to you in English. This also sometimes helps with the translation of the menus, getting the idea across of the theme or effect you are trying to create. 3. Market and local knowledge. This comes in so useful as we can advise as to the seasonal or regional foods; advise regarding music, inform as far as events and weather etc... the list goes on. Our knowledge also allows us to keep you up to date with any event, festival etc which can sometimes be extremely interesting for your guests. 4. Assistance with your paperwork, the legal and the religious. 5. A complete planning process where everything is covered and with the final process being your exhaustive wedding itinerary which is then translated and passed on to all the suppliers and our coordinators on site. Our wedding services range from self catering villas to boats and wedding cars, flowers to photographers. Please review our services page for further details. 6. Keeping your finances under control, so we will ensure that your budget is managed and used in the most effective manner possible. 7. Offering creative ideas, suggestions, tips..... 8. Working hard to get you the best deal and extras... 9. Being there constantly for our couples and being on hand to discuss, console, assist, advise ..... we become your partner throughout who will be with you every step of the way. 10. We ask the right questions and then provide you with the answers you may not have thought about yourself, and there are many questions... Our success and clientele is based on word of mouth and we thank all your clients for doing this for us
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