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This is a real palazzo which still preserves unique architectural elements, showing itself as the ideal location for the organisation of meetings, fashion shows, weddings, and different types of events. Located in the middle of the historical centre of Florence and very close to the Duomo, Santa Croce Square and Piazza Della Signoria, the position of this palazzo could not be better. From the outside, the Palazzo is hidden and understated until you enter, and then the beauty and the pomp are dazzling, with the imposing honour staircase which leads to the noble floor.


The heart of the building is formed by the Mirror Room and the Monumental Gallery (or Reception Hall), which is a true architectural and artistic jewel. The gallery of two hundred square metres of frescoes, plasters, bas-reliefs, niches, statues, columns and draperies represents the classic idea of the Renaissance. When tying the knot here, you will become part of the history of this noble palazzo.


The Palazzo offers a range of beautiful spaces. Allowing you to have everything here, and the stage setting is just perfect. Just one of the banquet halls can accommodate between 200 and 300 guests.  We classify this venue as 5-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 4446h.

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