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Welcome to a 5 star hotel located in a huge park of olive trees of 70 hectares and located in the Taranto area of the Apulian region. There are a total of 48 rooms and suites here, a pool, solarium, and a spa. With elegant outdoor courtyards, a restaurant, spaces overlooking the sea and the olive trees. There is also a Basilica, built in the XI century A.C., which is both impressive and majestic, built on massive columns sustaining the magical history. The frescoed hall gives you a magnificent chance to get excited at the sight of the remains of an ancient Roman aqueduct; it is perfectly appropriate both for civil ceremonies and other requirements. We now move to the restaurant which was an old olive oil mill; the olive court, the Ottagono court which is marked by the presence of a small octagonal temple. Ideal for the reception. The Palma court, the Grand Court, and the poolside area. We classify this venue as 5-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 4460e.

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