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A castle in Orvieto

Perched atop a breathtaking hill, surrounded by lush forests and vibrant landscapes, rests a truly captivating destination. This picturesque retreat offers the perfect sanctuary from the chaotic pace of daily life, providing a haven for tranquility and revitalization. The accommodations feature 45 exquisite bedrooms, accommodating up to 130 guests, guaranteeing a comfortable and unforgettable stay. For those in search of exclusivity, this venue can cater to 200 guests, ensuring an intimate and tailored experience.

Enhancing the allure of this remarkable location is its very own church, allowing for a seamless integration of spiritual and celebratory occasions. Additionally, an onsite restaurant and catering services are available, ensuring a delightful culinary experience. The exclusivity of this venue guarantees privacy and tranquility, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the serene surroundings.

Moreover, this remarkable destination offers exceptional value, making it an irresistible choice for any occasion. However, the true highlight lies in the breathtaking views that unfold before your eyes, captivating and inspiring all who behold them. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty and wonder of this remarkable venue.

Located near Lake Corbara and surrounded by vineyards, this venue offers a picturesque setting for wedding receptions. The celebration takes place outdoors in the main square, providing ample space for guests to enjoy. The grounds are truly stunning, with unparalleled scenery that will leave you in awe. Although the accommodations have a historic charm, they have been thoughtfully updated to ensure a comfortable stay. The beds are cozy, and the bathrooms are clean and modern. The highlight of the experience is undoubtedly the food. The dinner menu features an exquisite 8-course meal, with the bolognese being a standout dish that surpasses all expectations. In the morning, guests are treated to a delightful buffet spread of traditional Italian breakfast items. The quality of the food is truly exceptional, leaving a lasting impression. It is important to note that this venue embraces its rich history, as the buildings were constructed many years ago and have been skillfully adapted for modern use. The result is a harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary convenience. The buildings themselves are a sight to behold, meticulously maintained and exuding timeless beauty. This venue is truly a hidden gem, offering an unforgettable experience for any occasion.

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