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The beauty of this property in the beautiful region of Puglia is that you are simply spoilt for choice. There are 3 venues which can be used for your wedding, the Masseria, the beach club and there is also another possible beach club.


It is possible to stay at the Masseria which has a total of 43 rooms including 2 suites with private pool and it is possible to take on the exclusive use of the Masseria in April and November a min of 2 nights is required while May and late September and October 3 nights, June/September 4 nights and then July and August a minimum requirement of 7 nights is required. Couples do not have to take on the whole Masseria for their wedding and only a few rooms can be booked. (Up to 5). For the Masseria weddings, we would recommend the ceremony in a beautiful spot amongst ancient olive trees & grass or in the estate under the 1000-year-old Olive Tree.


For the main beach club, you have access to an exclusive lounge on the sea and fantastic weddings or parties on the long fine sand beach with coastal dunes are possible.  Buffets on the sandy beach with sushi master, tapas, ethnic corner, fish barbecues, private gazebos under palms and canes. This location is The summer place for disco nights. It is possible to tie the knot here and enjoy your gala dinner and up to 400 people can be accommodated here.


The other smaller beach club, a wonderful terrace on the sea, a deck in white wood, wonderful white gazebos, banana and palm trees. Up to 160 persons can be accommodated here.

Quote, Reference 2017.