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The palace which is in the heart of Catania, is made up of 700 rooms and is located in the old quarter of Catania behind the popular downtown area, overlooking the port on the famous marina arches.  

The heart of the palace is formed by its halls, conscientiously restored after the 1991 earthquake and thanks to the personal interest of the descendants of the Prince, capable of holding conventions and receptions reflecting Ignatiu's desire to open the palace to society. The paintings and frescoes are also restored to their original status.

The Palace is one of the oldest palaces in Catania, a precious relic of the Sicilian rococo past. Its walls are ornate with frescoes that are still intact, hosting meetings, concerts, and events with a capability of up to 350 people. Furthermore, the palace is available for guided tours in the private apartments as well, with refreshment offered.  There is also a courtyard which is also available and which encompasses the true essence of that which is Sicily. We classify this venue as 5-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 4458dd.



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