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A Taste Of An Italian Summer

It is going to be hot. It is July, perhaps August. What do we or should we eat. Think about this....

a) Think informal. Perhaps buffet or why not have your waiters serving you food, it gives your guests the possibility to mingle and take advantage of the spaces which are available. Think finger foods perhaps....

b) Serve cool appetisers and with this you can add some Italian Prosecco or what about a Rossini or Mimosa....yummy.

c) Think refreshing drinks. Perhaps lemonade served in glass jugs perhaps with lemon slices. Perhaps you may want to opt for a granita... just decide on the flavour. If you do opt for cocktils you need to consider light and definately refreshing.

d) Make everything light and ensure that your canape moments are interesting, tasty and light. You want your guests to enjoy the main reception without being too full.

e) Think barbecue. There is a certain simplicity to it however it gives your guests so many options not only from a taste perspective but also from a choice one. We have meats, we have fish, we have vegetarian options. To this we add salads, breads, cheeses....

f) Let's opt for the picnic feel. This also gives us lots of options.......

g) What about an ice-cream cart with a different selection of ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, ideal for the end of the reception and great fun.

Some of the above is not possible in some parts of Italy, this is really only due to the set up of your wedding, so for example, if your venue is a luxury hotel, having a barbecue is not possible; or there is no facility to have a barbecue. It all seems pretty obvious but as wedding planners we are often asked to arrange services which just do not work within the environment selected.

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