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Why Choose A UK Wedding Planner?

AND WHAT TO LOOK FOR......It really does feel like a bit of a luxury having a wedding planner for your wedding and for some it may be, however what a useful tool it is to have someone looking out for you every step of the way. Below are just a few things to look out for when choosing your planner. There are just so many reasons for having a planner and when considering this, make sure of the following as it does help.....

a) Make sure that your planner is registered somewhere, either as part of a company or a partnership or even a sole trader but that they do exist and they are registered in the UK. With companies it is easy to find out all you need to do is check out Companies house.

b) Apart from the obvious, it is important to know

  • a) Where the company or sole trader is based

  • b) The legal entity of the company you will be using

  • c) When booking a travel package inclusive of flights and accommodation or accommodation and car hire for example, ensure that the company booking it for you has the necessary licenses in place, ATOL and ABTA or insolvency protection as you are dealing with a lot of money.

  • Where is the company registered, especially at this time with the whole Brexit situation.

  • Ensure that the company has been trading for the amount of time indicated and ask the company to provide proof of this. There are so many companies saying that they have been around for years, when they have just set up.

  • Does the company take credit or debit cards as this can demonstrate the legitimacy of the company/sole trader.

  • Make sure that before booking you have all the details including the registered address

c) It always seems like a great idea to deal directly with a planner in the actual country you are marrying, however it is always best to choose a UK based planner, only because you will be governed by UK law. Also if booking with a planner from Italy, any issues, you will need to go via the Italian courts which means interpreter, translators and it may be wise to get yourself a legal person who speaks the language, as any action takes place in Italian and in Italy.

d) Communication during the planning of a wedding is paramount so you need to ensure that the planner you choose can communicate with you but most importantly of all actually understands you and what you are saying. It is easy to make sure that your drinks are ready and that the celebrant knows what to say at what point, however your planner should also be able to inspire you and to help you create a vision. A planner will ensure that your vision is understood and respected and will also ensure that you have all the answers to your questions, sometimes with you not even asking the questions...

e) A UK based planner can understand the foibles, cultural differences, the English way of doing things and requirements and with their understanding of the country where you are getting married, can ensure that your requirements can be recreated or alternatively can advise you how best to do things.

f) Planners do not just deal with one aspect of your wedding, they are there to coordinate it all. Nowadays, most venues offer an in-house coordinator...however your wedding is not only the reception or the party afterwards, it is also about coordinating other specifics, the paperwork, the legalities, the flowers, photographers etc. At a venue or a hotel, they may see a wedding a day, while for your planner the success of your wedding is also their own success.



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