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Important Questions When Considering An Italian Wedding

.. so as with everything, there is a checklist to ensure the viability of your needs. So here is the list you need to review and consider when thinking of an Italian wedding. This should help you put your ideas into some sort of order. Use this as your template...

1. If you have a location/place in mind then how easy is it for you and for your guests to get to from where they will be coming from. Are there direct flights to the destination?

2. How easy is it for your guests to get to the location? Do they hire a car? Can transfers be arranged? Public transport?

3. The area you have selected is there a variety of accommodation available for them? Not all guests can afford staying at a 5 star hotel so make sure that the area you choose has options for your guests.

4. If you are happy to have your ceremony on site, is there enough space for both ceremony and reception?

5. Is there a bad weather alternative taking into consideration the same number of people? You want to try as hard as possible to not have to invest in the setting up of a marquee where possible, only because it adds considerably to the overall cost of your wedding.

6. Can you eat outside?

7. How many people can eat comfortably?

8. How close is the venue to the town hall or to the church if you decide to get married outside the venue?

9. Is a view necessary to you and if so is there a view?

10. Will I have the venue for my exclusive use?

11. Can a religious ceremony be performed on the grounds of the venue? If yes is there a chapel or a church on site?

12. Is there accommodation on site and if so how many people can be accommodated?

13. Is there a min requirement or do we need to book it for the whole week?

14. Can we dance on site?

15. What time is music allowed until

16. My budget.... what is the maximum budget I have available for the wedding itself, not including the dress and getting there but the wedding day itself..... and what would I like this to include?

This for the moment is a good start to get you going....!!!!


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