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In the Heart of the Tuscan Countryside

About 20 to 30 minutes outside the amazing city of Florence, you will find this elegant villa which provides a range of services from a garden to pool to restaurant to terrace. There is space here for ceremonies and receptions and you can decide whch if the areas suits you best. You can rent out the whole villa which we would suggest if you require music in the evenings, as otherwise it will not be possible to dance the night away....

With a total of 24 rooms and with extra beds, up to 54 guests can be accommodated and at about 100 metres distance, there is a small cottage which can accommodate a further 4 persons but we would recommend that the couple stay here as it provides greater privacy and it is a great spot for getting ready on the day of the wedding. For further details quote reference 2759.

We have a range of properties located in the Italian Countryside -


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