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Our Top 10 Makeup Tips

Keeping your makeup fresh from the moment you put it on to the end of the evening can be hard. We suggest and always recommend a makeup artist, but your budget may not allow you to do this so here are some tips which may come in useful. Also do not forget the weather as Italy can get quite HOT!

1. Do not try and experiment with new colours, stick to the colours you know. If you do decide to try something different, make sure that this takes place a couple of months before so that you can see how the colours suit you in all kinds of light. Also it may allow you to get used to it. It is also important to make an appointment with a cosmetic sales lady at one of the big stores and take a swatch of your dress as this also helps with the colour decisions. The other thing to bear in mind is that if you do change creams, foundations etc, you may be allergic and may get a rash so you really want to give yourself ample time to get rid of it.

2. Unless you have whitened your teeth take note that some lipstick colours can make your teeth look dull, dark and sometimes yellow.

3. Make sure that the foundation you wear is the right match for you. The secret is to apply it on your jawline so that you can see if it works with the upper part of your face and your neck and chest.

4. Ensure that you give yourself enough time if you are doing your makeup yourself. Do not rush it.

5. Trial runs are vital. Whether you have a makeup artist or doing it yourself, please ensure that you have a trial run!

6. Take a photograph of yourself with your wedding makeup on to tes how you look in your wedding pictures.

7. Makeup should be stronger than the makeup you usually put on. This is important as at times there is a little perspiration going on and this can come out shiny in the photos. However do keep it simple and be you.

8. Avoid frosted makeup. Also as far as a lip liner, opt for a natural tone instead. Also use powder over your foundation as it seals it in place and also creates a matte finish.

9. Waterproof mascara is a definate.

10. Get your bridesmaid to carry a lipstick of your choice with her so that you can apply it every now and then. Also some perfume would not go amiss.


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