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Wedding Tips - How Many Guests?

Overestimate the number of guests attending rather than underestimate as this will help in the long run

When talking to wedding couples, we start off with a set number of guests. All the couples who overestimate numbers come back lower, all the couples who underestimate finally find out how many people actually want to attend their wedding.

Once you start adding partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, children and infants, you find that you have at least double the amount you had thought would attend. With weddings abroad you will find that less people do come to the wedding if compared to weddings held in the UK, however with travel being or having been “cheaper” and the ease of getting to Italy, more and more people decide to attend weddings abroad..

Always ensure that you make a list and divide your list into 4 sections… one list for famly; one list for guests you would like to come, one list for guests you are obliged to invite and finally a list of the people that may come and do not fall into any other sections! Once this is completed, it will start to give you a picture of the approximate number of guests. Sometimes it may be that you need to have a family conflab, as mum and dad may have people they want to invite, guests who you may have met once when you went round for tea one Sunday…. If you read many of the guides out there they say that compiling your guest list can become the most contentious part of your wedding preparations since it is usually not possible to invite all your family and friends due to the constraints of your budget and venue capacity. Difficulties often will arise if you both have large families and circles of friends, since you will need to decide where to draw the line between family and friends you know well and those that you don't. Usually, parents will want to invite many relatives, whereas you may want to invite more friends. When planning a wedding,, especially if you are asking parents to chip in, ;learn to be diplomatic and above all, tolerance will be needed if you do not want to end up fighting! A gift may help?


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