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Please ensure before going ahead that you read these terms as this is your contract with us.


All your bookings are with WEDDINGS MADE IN ITALY registered in England, company number 03772840.  Bookings will only be accepted once you, the client, have returned your completed booking form (which is the contract between you the client, and us, Weddings Made In Italy, and provided the relevant details as specified on the booking form and have paid the equivalent of 30% of the total value of your proposal. This 30% is non-refundable.  Please be advised that these terms are an extension of your booking form.

Below are the various stages of your booking:


STAGE I: Of your booking, involves all the elements as agreed of your "Packaged" wedding On receipt of your booking form and deposit, WEDDINGS MADE IN ITALY will confirm stage 1 of your wedding (the location, date, and time of the ceremony, and any other services as specified in your proposal.  A confirmation invoice which will have all the relevant details as indicated on your initial and agreed proposal will then be provided. An initial non-refundable deposit of 30% of the value of your invoice will then be requested. There may be occasions that we may request a further deposit due to the service provider's requirements, so a variation in the percentage required may be higher, however you will be advised of this throughout the booking stages. Before booking your wedding take note that the deposit is non refundable. At this stage we advise you to take out adequate wedding and travel insurance to cover you for all eventualities. 

STAGE II:  Of your booking, will look at all the remaining ancillary elements of your wedding. Your second invoice will be for all the ancillary elements and will be invoiced separately. 30% of all stage II payments will be due on receipt of the confirmation of the service or the various services.  A further 10% will be due one month after the invoice date and the remaining balance no later than 10 weeks before departure. This may not always be possible as suppliers may ask for deposits and payments of final payment earlier.  Wedding Made In Italy will ensure that flexibility is provided where possible and will advise you accordingly.


Important note regarding on stage II of your booking: Some service providers in Italy, may impose their own terms of contract which we Weddings Made In Italy as your planners and coordinators are obliged to pass on to you the client. This could be, for example, reception venues or catering establishments, although the list is not exhaustive, who stand to lose considerable sums if cancellations are made. In some instances, these service providers will protect their interests by imposing their booking conditions which may include variations on our standard deposit percentage and payment timescale. If this is the case then this information will be passed on to you before a booking is made. It is important to note that it is very difficult to provide you with a standard set of terms for ancillary wedding services due to the dynamic range of services on offer but you will be advised at every stage so that you can make a clear decision. Failure to receive full and final payment within a specified period could result in an automatic cancellation of that particular service.   Please also bear in mind that if a service is confirmed, cancellation costs and amendment costs, or other charges may ensue therefore it is essential that when booking a service you are sure that this service is required.  Please ensure at all times that the details provided on the booking form are correct, as any changes or errors can result in your wedding arrangements being jeopardised or cancelled, or an administrative charge applied. Please consider that all our written proposals will always be subject to availability at the time of booking only.

Your Booking: All contact must be made in writing to Weddings Made In Italy either by post or by email only.  All your documents, when required, must be sent to our Italian office by International registered post. Ensure that you have a tracking number as all the paperwork required in Italy for the legality of your wedding, will be your sole responsibility. If you the client fails to provide the documentation or provides incorrect documents, an administration fee will be applied. This fee will be subject to the length of time involved in trying to rectify the situation. Please note that this may not always be possible due to time limitations or other. We also encourage you to make your own enquiries. 


No contact must be made with the venue or any of the suppliers involved in your booking, this will be a breach of contract between you the client, and Weddings Made In Italy. This is important as it will avoid any misunderstandings or possible duplications. Once full and final payment has taken place, you will be provided with a wedding itinerary and any relevant vouchers. Please be advised that all travel arrangements will be carried out by The Italian Connection (London) Ltd & Spirito Italiano. 

The Wedding Price: Prices are provided in your written proposal which you will receive either by letter or email. Prices will usually be quoted as a whole and this will be clear in our written proposal. To confirm the proposal we must receive your completed booking form and the non-refundable deposit of 30% of the full value of the invoice. Prices for ancillary services will be provided throughout the booking stage and once an invoice has been raised a deposit of 30% of the full value of the invoice will be required unless there is a variation in the suppliers requirement. 


The price of your wedding confirmed on your written proposal will not be subject to any surcharges EXCEPT for those resulting from increases in the Sterling/Euro exchange rates after the date of the written proposal.  Any increase amounting to an equivalent of 2% of the price of your wedding arrangements, which excludes insurance premiums and any amendment charges, will be absorbed by Weddings Made In Italy if these price increases have been directly caused by the Sterling/Euro exchange rate. Any increase in the costs of your wedding arrangements over and above the 2% absorbed by Weddings Made In Italy will have to be borne by you the client. No price increases will be made within 28 days of departure.  Please note that in order to secure against surcharges resulting from increases in the Sterling/Euro exchange rates, Weddings Made In Italy will confirm a price in Euros on the written proposal and take payment in Euros of the same amount as and when due. If you wish to pay in sterling, this is possible and an exchange rate will be provided to the couple by Weddings Made In Italy. This rate will be 2% to 5% higher than the bank rate to cover Weddings Made In Italy for any currency fluctuations.


Payment by euro will only be accepted by bank transfer directly into our UK Euro account and no other payment means will be possible. Payment by bank transfer into our euro account will incur a fee of 15 euros to be added to your final bill. Payment in sterling can take place by bank transfer.  Credit and Debit cards will only be accepted for small amounts, of up to £ 500.00.


Take into consideration that unless otherwise stated, all our prices are inclusive of Italian VAT (IVA) which can range between 10% and 22%. This may change however we will keep you informed. 

Italian town halls, Italian and foreign consulates, and other Italian public offices can change their prices for ceremony fees and documents required for marriage in Italy at their discretion and at any time. In these cases, Weddings Made In Italy has the right to vary its prices to the client for these same services.


How Can I Pay: Payments can be made in the following way only: 

Bank transfer and please ensure that there are no bank costs to Weddings Made In Italy. If you decide to pay in euros, this is possible however please be advised that each payment in euros will incur a charge of 15 euros. 

Credit and Debit cards will be accepted only for small amounts of up to £ 500.00. Business Credit and Debit cards will not be accepted.


If I Change My  Booking: If, after our confirmation invoice has been issued, you wish to change your arrangements in any way, we will do our utmost to make these changes but you must be aware that it may not always be possible. Any request for changes to be made must be received in writing from the person who made the booking or your travel agent. This change can be received via post or email.  Please ensure that if you send this change/amendment by email, you contact your wedding coordinator by phone or by text to ensure that this has been received.  We will endeavour to do our best to change your booking. However, it is important to note that certain arrangements may not be changeable after a reservation has been made and any alteration request could incur a cancellation charge of up to 100% of that part of the arrangements. 


If we are able to change your booking and you require us to do so, we have the right to levy an administrative charge according to the time spent by us and for the sums that we have incurred or will have to incur by way of liability to third parties resulting from the change.  Please note that our third-party suppliers may also charge cancellation charges.  An administration charge of £89+VAT will and can be levied, for the time spent in respect of each change of any item in the booking in addition to any sums that we have incurred in liability to third parties or any expense that we incur.  We will not make any changes to your booking in any event even if such change is possible until we receive the administration charge and your written request specifying the changes that you propose.  We will not make the changes if these facilities are not available and availability is to be decided within our absolute discretion.  If you require changes and you do not pay the administration charge or if we decide in our discretion that the changes cannot be made and you do not adhere to the terms of your booking without any changes your failure to do so will be deemed to be a cancellation of the booking by you and cancellation charges may be levied in accordance with the scale of cancellation charges stated below.  If you have any insurance in respect of your booking it is your responsibility to notify the persons with whom that cover is made of any change.  If you do not notify them, then your cover may be invalidated.  However, this relates to your arrangements with third parties and is not of any relevance to your arrangements with us.  An example where the admin fee would be applied would be if the change is significant for example, change of venue, change of date and time, trying to locate other venues for the wedding date and time, etc, it will not apply to a change in the colour of the bouquet for example unless there are less than 14 days to go before your departure. The levy may apply if there are too many of the same changes so, for example, changing the flower, style, colour type of your bouquet more than 5 times. 


If You Cancel Your Booking: There are different cancellation categories and this will be determined and subject to the service booked. If you choose to cancel your arrangements with us at any time up to departure you should notify us in writing as soon as you possibly can after you make your decision to cancel. We shall require written confirmation that you wish to cancel the arrangements and we would appreciate knowing your reason for the cancellation. Written notification from the person who made the booking or your travel agent on your behalf must be received at our offices. Please be advised that all non-refundable services will incur a 100% cancellation charge. 

Our Cancellation Charges are as follows:

- Initial deposits are non refundable 

- Cancellations 9 to 5 months before the wedding will incur a 50% cancellation of your remaining invoice

- If you cancel your wedding less than five calendar months prior to your arrival date 100% of your remaining invoice will be due  (payment for the remaining balance in full).

Any possible variation to the cancellation charges will be discussed with you and the details provided in writing. 

If We Change Or Cancel Your Booking: It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes or cancel your booking, but occasionally, we may have to make changes and we reserve the right to do so at any time. We will advise you of the change or cancellation as soon as we are able to before your journey commences. If there is a significant change, which may be due to an event beyond our control, you will be offered a choice of an alternative comparable arrangement (if available) or a voucher of the equivalent amount paid to use within 12 months,  If the reason for the significant change to the booking is due to an event beyond our control or reasons of force majeure, we will not be liable to offer you any of the above or any compensation.


What Does Force Majeure Mean? - Force majeure means circumstances beyond our control, such as war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, government action or regulatory authorities, pandemics, mechanical or technical failure or other matters beyond our control. The items stated are not exhaustive and any matter beyond our reasonable control will fall within this category.  We reserve the right to make changes to your wedding arrangements for reason of force majeure, as we consider reasonably necessary.


Your Responsibility:


Production of relevant documents: We will provide full details regarding the paperwork that is required from you and we ask you to make your own checks and not only rely on the information provided by your wedding coordinator.  There are certain expenses to consider in procuring and processing your paperwork here in the U.K, Ireland, and other countries, and these expenses will be the couple’s expense and not that of Weddings Made In Italy.  


It is your responsibility to produce all necessary documentation as to identification, status, passports, and visas where necessary, travel documentation or other documents necessary to allow us to provide the wedding arrangements, which we have agreed to provide to you.  If you do not safely keep and produce the necessary items or provide these to us or to any third party when we require it either before the commencement of the wedding arrangements or following the commencement thereof you may not be able to obtain or enjoy all or any of the services, facilities, celebrations or other items that we have agreed to provide to you under the terms of our contract with you.  If you do not hold a full passport as a UK citizen you should confirm with the appropriate Consul for the country in which any part of the wedding arrangements are to take place whether a visa is required for the country to be visited by you.  If you do not hold a full 10-year passport as a UK citizen and visas where applicable you may be refused entry to the country that you are visiting in respect of the wedding arrangements.  If you do not ensure that you have all necessary documentation either before departure or when you are travelling or at your destination or accommodation or on your return travel then you may not be able to obtain or enjoy all or any of the wedding arrangements that we have agreed to provide to you under the terms of our contract with you.  If you do not have valid documents you may be liable to be immediately removed from the country that you are visiting and/or suffer other penalties. There may also be other important documents that you need to provide to third parties.  Additionally, if you do not produce any documentation necessary in respect of the wedding or wedding arrangements such as documents identifying yourself and your current marital status, the municipal Governmental, religious or other institutional bodies associated with the performance of the proposed wedding ceremony, we may not be able to authorise, conduct or provide the legal or religious marriage services and marriage certification necessary under Italian law and/or religious law to recognize the state of marriage.  This failure to produce any necessary documentation required by religious or municipal, governmental or other institutions concerning the wedding service may result in the wedding service and any wedding arrangements not taking place or being delayed or cancelled.  If any of the documents that you are requested to provide do not meet the requirements of any persons in authority, government department or religious or other institutions entitled to call upon you to produce documentation, then the failure to produce such documentation is your responsibility and will, therefore, be your own fault.  We shall not be liable to pay compensation to you in these circumstances or be liable to you in any way.  The production of relevant and correct documents is wholly the responsibility of the client. 


Delay: In the event that you are delayed or otherwise prevented from complying with any of the relevant time schedules necessary for the wedding arrangements you must immediately inform us.  We shall need to know the reason for your delay.  If the delay is not caused by our own fault, we shall not be liable to you in respect of it.  In the event of any delay occurring, which is not through our own fault, if requested we shall endeavour where possible to assist you to overcome the consequences of that delay if you pay our administration charge in accordance with the section headed `Change of Booking’ above.  We are not liable to you in respect of any such delay.  If we are not ourselves able to provide the services that you require we may be able to provide contact details for other suppliers but these will be provided for you to choose as appropriate and without liability to us.  No refunds will be given for unused services or other facilities in the event of such delays and it is your responsibility to obtain suitable insurance cover, as you deem appropriate.


Pre Visit before the wedding: We will arrange all pre-visits and all arrangements for pre-wedding visits.  There may be a minimum arrangement fee and if you wish to be accompanied, then this is possible however there will be a fee to consider as it will all be subject to who is available.  This fee will be fully refunded from your confirmation invoice when you confirm your wedding through Weddings Made In Italy.   The purpose of the visit is for you to view and inspect the property/venue and ensure that this is the right location for you.  No discussions regarding prices, logistics, etc will take place on-site and this will only take place in writing on your return.  Weddings Made In Italy will not and cannot be held responsible or liable for any discussions made on-site. Please also ensure that you have your own transport. If you do not, do not worry as we can arrange a private car for you at an extra cost. Please ensure that you do not confirm flights and any accommodation or other services until we have confirmed the availability of the venue. 


Our Liability at the Destination: You are liable for any damage caused by you or by any member of your party specified in relation to your Booking.  You are liable for all sums charged to you, which are not included in the price or confirmed by us for the cost of your wedding arrangements in our confirmation invoices.  Any third-party services not included in the price will be arrangements between you and third parties and therefore are your liability and are not included in the price.  If therefore you use any other service provider who is not included in the sums charged to you then we will not be responsible for any payment to them nor will we be responsible for any loss suffered by you in this respect and you will be responsible to any such third parties direct. If your itinerary does not state the service and you discuss the service with the service provider when on-site, you will pay for this service directly and you will be liable for this service.  If you wish Weddings Made In Italy to get involved on your behalf with your supplier then please be advised that there is an administrative charge to consider and costs will start at £ 55.00+VAT per hour. 


Insurance: You hereby agree with us that you will use your best endeavours to obtain insurance cover for any losses that you may suffer in respect of cancellations, delays, illness, accident, or other events, which could reasonably be covered by fully adequate insurance. Please ensure that you consider both travel and wedding insurance and unless otherwise informed we will assume that you have insurance. Weddings Made In Italy's, on-site coordinators and others cannot accept any liability for injury to persons, loss, theft or any damage to property during any event or other service organised by Weddings Made In Italy and The Italian Connection (London) & Spirito Italiano (who are responsible for all travel requirements). We are also assuming that your travel/wedding insurance also covers you for all medical expenses, personal luggage, personal accident, damaged property, cancellation, legal expenses and any sort of emergency. What is wedding insurance? A policy that covers you financially if something ruins your big day or it has to be cancelled or postponed.  


Do I need Insurance? This depends on how much you are spending on your wedding and whether you believe you need added protection over and above any existing cover you might have. It also hinges on how worried you are about things going wrong and how important peace of mind is to you. Weddings Made In Italy insist that you do have wedding insurance and ensure that you are covered for overseas weddings.   All policies are different, but typically they cover the cancellation or rearrangement of a wedding or reception due to accident, illness or bereavement within the main wedding party, or if a supplier goes out of business. Most policies also cover loss or damage (due to accident, fire or theft) to the main wedding outfits; presents, rings; the cake and flowers; as well as the price of having to retake photographs and video; failure of wedding cars; and personal liability and legal expenses. The amount you can claim if things go wrong depends on the level of cover you purchased. Make sure that the insurance you take out covers you for the total expense of your wedding and you may want to include wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding rings....., etc. 

Variations in Price: If you change your booking or if we are required by you to change your wedding arrangements, we will inform you of any variation in the price of the individual components. If we are required by you to change any item in the itinerary, which you have booked, you will be responsible for any price increase. 

Misrepresentations: Weddings Made In Italy has taken all reasonable care in checking facilities and describing such facilities. Any representations are made in good faith, but Weddings Made In Italy cannot accept responsibility with respect of misrepresentations occurring because there have been changes in facilities unknown to Weddings Made In Italy. Most of the weddings take place in old historical buildings and the possibility that building exterior or interior spaces may be under construction or restoration must be taken into account. We will try to keep you informed of this however Weddings Made In Italy cannot be held liable. 


Literature: The depiction of any item relating to a venue, facilities, services or other items which make up your wedding arrangements, are provided to you by us is by way of impression only.  Pictorial images which are put forward by email or via our website, are there to provide certain information only and to assist you with depicting a theme or a concept. We cannot depict specifically every facility offered to you.  Therefore the depiction or pictorial image may relate to some other facility or service, which is not being provided to you and is provided to inspire you.

Photos provided by you:  We will try at all times to ensure that the photos you provide which you would like us to recreate are as close as possible to your requirements, however, this may not always be possible for some reason or other, but we guarantee that the replacement service will be of the utmost quality. For example, floral displays, The flowers requested may not be possible due to them not being available so the florist will ensure that the image provided is as closely identified as possible. 

Information: It is imperative that clients read these terms and conditions and other written literature provided to them by Weddings Made In Italy, so as to avoid misunderstanding and to assist us in our endeavour to provide our clients with a true, honest and a fair description of our services. We are happy to discuss these terms with you or if you require clarification in writing please feel free to ask. 

Complaints: We have provided you with the relevant literature to understand the booking that you have made and our commitment to you and your commitment to us.  We have endeavoured to avoid any misunderstandings.  It is a condition of the contract that you must in the first instance lodge all complaints on location.  It is your obligation if you are dissatisfied with the facilities or services, which have been provided by us, to raise your complaint with the person or persons appointed by us to provide the same to you on location.  Furthermore, you must notify us of your complaint within 10 days of your departure from Italy.  You should always seek in the first instance to obtain a local remedy and it is your obligation to do so. If you do not offer us the opportunity to rectify the problem on location and if you do not comply with the complaints procedure set out herein then we shall not be liable to you in respect of any loss that you may suffer or be liable to pay compensation to you. So for example, if you were not provided with a glass of Limoncello, in the first instance you should ask the caterers dealing with the event.  The applicable law to the contract that you make with us is governed by and is subject to the law of England and the Courts of England and Wales will have jurisdiction in respect of this contract. 


Special Provisions:


Point 1: It is important to note that there are legal formalities, which will have to be considered by the Italian Authorities, and there are procedures in respect of the declaration and wedding service that you may choose and there are also formalities, which may be required by religious institutions, whether civil, Roman Catholic or Protestant. (OTHER RELIGIONS – JEWISH MUSLIM ETC) We have no control over the requirements of such third parties and the services that they provide or the obligations or requirements that they impose.  We will do everything we can to ensure that your wedding arrangements proceed satisfactorily but as we do not have control over these individual components, we are not liable to you in respect of these in the event of delay or failure in the provision of any service in this respect or requirements imposed and if this affects any of your wedding arrangements then we shall not be liable to pay you compensation in this regard. 

Point 2: There will be a number of items to be selected by you in relation to your wedding arrangements.  The precise number of guests, decisions on or modifications to menus, music, etc.  It is important to ensure that all of your requirements are carefully noted and are confirmed by you in writing.  This requirement is necessary to ensure that your requirements are accurately detailed and known to us.  We require you to keep an accurate review of the documentation so that you may establish at any stage whether your requirements have been met.  If for any reason there are any requirements that have been omitted then please draw these to our attention in writing and we will confirm to you whether or not these requirements can be met. 


Point 3:  As the services to be performed in respect of your wedding arrangements such as hairdressers, make-up artists, menus, table settings, music, flowers, photography etc. are to be conducted in another country we do not have the facility to separately supervise services provided by our sub-suppliers and in any event, the nature of our business is to organize the introduction of such suppliers to you and not to manage the services carried out by them. If you wish us to manage your suppliers, then a fee will be imposed which will be subject to the amount of time spent. A set fee per hour will be provided starting from £55+VAT.


Point 4: Ordinarily we shall require advance notice one year prior to your proposed wedding date but in certain circumstances, this may be reduced to 6 months.  A greater amount of notice is more likely to be required in order to have a reasonable chance of securing your specified wedding venue.  A lesser amount of notice may mean that your preferred venue is not available and that other options will have to be considered by you.  This also applies to services provided by our suppliers.


Point 5: Any services, which are selected by us to be provided by our suppliers, will be chosen as appropriate within our reasonable discretion.  In the event of any difference between your requirements and those chosen within our reasonable discretion, our decision will prevail unless you have had written confirmation by us that we can meet your special request. 


Point 6: We must emphasize that we do not in any way wish to limit your choice and we are prepared to make reasonable enquiries on any request that you make, however, please be advised that all our suppliers have been trialed and tested. It is important to appreciate that the price will vary according to your individual requirements.  Each person has their own requirements and we shall inform you of the pricing applied to your individual requirements but we cannot guarantee that your requirements can or will be met.

Point 7: From time to time works of maintenance, rebuilding, repair or renewal are required to buildings or machinery.  This may be communicated to us but may not as emergency works may need to take place.   We cannot inspect each venue or facility advertised by us on a regular basis and we rely on the service providers/venues to keep us updated.  You must, therefore, check that these meet with your requirements.  We shall be entitled to assume that they do unless you otherwise inform us. 


Point 8: Where any term or warranty is implied into this contract as a matter of English law by statutory or other provision this term or warranty will form part of the contract. If any of the provisions of this agreement are rendered void as a matter of English law such provisions shall be severed from all remaining provisions and the remaining provisions shall be preserved.

Jurisdiction: Your booking is governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of English Courts at all times. Except as otherwise provided in these booking terms and conditions, your statutory rights are not affected.


This Web Site & Literature: We reserve the copyright an,d all proprietary rights in the site and all content. The material contained within the site is the property of WEDDINGS MADE IN ITALY or its affiliates and partners unless identified as belonging to third parties. The name WEDDINGS MADE IN ITALY and any other marks, logos, and graphics of WEDDINGS MADE IN ITALY displayed on the site are trademarks of WMI WEDDINGS MADE IN ITALY LTD or its affiliates and partners. Other company and product or service names displayed on the site may be the trademarks of their respective owners. You are not granted any right or license to use any trademarks. The depiction of any item relating to a venue, facilities, services or other items which comprise your wedding arrangements, which are provided to you by us, must be considered by way of impression only. Pictorial images are put forward to provide certain information only and the pictorial image may not relate to the facilities, services or other items that are to be provided by us to you. These depictions or pictorial images are put forward to illustrate a theme only and we cannot depict specifically every facility offered to you. Therefore, the depiction of the pictorial image may relate to some other facility or service which is not being provided to you.

One to one consultation with your wedding coordinator:  This is not always possible due to onsite coordination of events, inspection of venues, reviewing products and suppliers, etc. Your coordinator will only be available on request and on appointment only. 

Everything that you need to know about Weddings Made In Italy Ltd: 


  • UK-based company registered in the UK and our main activity is the organisation of weddings in Italy.  

  • All travel services are covered by The Italian Connection (London) Ltd & Spirito Italiano Ltd who have the necessary licenses to arrange travel packages.

  • Company number is 03772840 

  • VAT number 778560775.


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