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A castle with turrets, surrounded by a formal garden, a Renaissance chapel, a converted conservatory and more.  Owned by the princely Aldobrandini family, the castle lies fourteen kilometres south-east of Siena. The Castle one of Italy’s best kept secrets as it is not open to the public, but those fortunate enough to go there are invariably awed by the sheer elegance of its interiors and the mystique that surrounds the place which has not surprisingly been featured in a number of books and publications on the beauties of Tuscany. Its true beauty lies in its silence and the spectacular view over the surrounding countryside, at a stone’s throw from the magical city of Siena, a landscape that has not changed for centuries.


The castle boasts the following spaces:

A) LIMONAIA: the low building at the bottom of the above picture, on the left

B) IL CORTILE (the courtyard) it is the courtyard of the Castle

C) GIARDINO ALL’ITALIANA (Italian Garden) the garden in front of the castle with hedges and flowerbeds

D) I GIARDINI (the gardens): the meadows in front of the chapel

E) IL GRANAIO (the barn): the building at the right top of the pictures

F) LA PIAZZA (the square): the square between the castle and the barn

G) IL BOSCO INGLESE (English forest): in the back of the Castle



There is only accommodation for 10 guests in the Limonaia and another 10 in the castle but this is purely on request and is not guaranteed and there is a 2 night requirement.


We classify this venue as 5-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 4459a.



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