This is a luxury villa which is hired for the day and is located on a hill in a panoramic position dominating Fiesole, Florence and of course the Tuscan countryside. With stunning gardens and terraces, cypress, pine and oak wood trees, of course, the quintessential scene one would expect.


There are a range of spaces here, from a min of 25 square metres to a max of 150 sqm and the maximum capacity is up to 150 guests inside. If we were to use all the halls, 200 guests could be accommodated inside, just bear in mind that guests will be in different rooms.  If we move to the gardens, 150 guests approximately would fit on the terrace and 200 in the upper-level gardens. Music is allowed here until 1030 pm outside but it is possible to move inside and enjoy music until very late. 


We classify this venue as 4-star Gold. Quote, Reference 4445pp.

Golden Star