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The hamlet which is a 5-star luxury resort is located halfway between Brindisi and Bari and offers couples accommodation in 28 villas, the main structure with a hotel with 63 bedrooms and a further nearby hamlet which provides a total of 92 traditional houses. The location is all about private swimming pools, ancient olive groves, large gardens and panoramic terraces, and is only steps away from the sea. Couples here can be spoilt for choice and the settings vary from a gourmet restaurant, to an Apulian farm or a beach club. With an area of about 4000 sqm, there are spaces available which can accommodate up to 300 guests. Music is allowed here until midnight.


We classify this venue as 5-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 4002.

DID YOU KNOW: On November 16th 2018 the Michelin Guide Italy 2019 announced the first Michelin Star for the gourmet restaurant here. The Executive Chef Domingo Schingaro achieved this prestigious accolade after almost three years working here under the direction of the Chef Andrea Ribaldone. Domingo Schingaro’s cuisine is deeply rooted in Puglia and in the Mediterranean culture of food. Cornerstones of his concept are a careful selection of the raw materials and a passionate research to enhance the taste of food using simple local ingredients.

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