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An Imposing castle and one of Sicily's last great stately homes, soars sheer above the sea, about 20km from Palermo. The castle was built in Norman times and has always been the residence of prominent Sicilian noble families like the Filangeris, Spadaforas, and Alliatas. The delight of this site persuaded the owners to open the gardens to elite guests for prestigious events: meetings, conventions, wedding, incentive events, and gala dinners. During summer, memorable tasteful receptions can be organized on the large terrace and in the park, with its own swimming pool, for up to 400 guests. In winter, up to 300 guests can be accommodated in the Regia Tonnara: tuna-fishing structure built in the late seventeenth century. The single salon with double round vaults is in a lovely welcoming sandstone.


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