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A prestigious luxury property which can be hired for your Italian wedding or event and it truly is luxurious.  With its ancient and dominant spirit, its allure, its uniqueness, this fully restored castle represents a new idea of grandiose luxury, a terrific mixture of classic architecture and contemporary, edgy design: this property is possibly the boldest restoration ever attempted in Umbria, commenced in the mid 1980’s, and finished in 2012, and the results are just outstanding.


The honey-stone castle offers eight grand bedrooms all with en-suite tailor-made bathrooms, a professional kitchen designed with the help of a chef, a fitness area and a private room for massages and wellness. An exceptional luxury home, this retreat has been carefully crafted to bring luxury and comfort into a rare Italian experience: the interiors feature precious drapes and tapestries, artwork, furniture which, together with the view, create a unique atmosphere: the

castle seamlessly blends contemporary standards, including modern plumbing and state-of-the-art appliances together with an evocative atmosphere and precious elements picked from Italian and Umbrian style heritage. Every room has been designed in its very own style, the upholstery has been selected based on the preserved original samples of the period and everything has been manufactured by local craftsmen, using the highest quality materials. The sweeping vistas here are unrivalled, offering a commanding view of the valley between Umbria. We classify this venue as 5-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 4450a.

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