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Perched high above the stunning bay of Portofino in Liguria, stands a majestic castle. As you ascend towards this enchanting fortress, the path unfolds before you, offering a breathtaking journey. However, be prepared for a lengthy stroll, as the entire route is exclusively reserved for pedestrians. (For the bride and three fortunate guests, a discreet "secret elevator" can be arranged to transport them to the fortress entrance, subject to permission).

Within the castle's walls, you will discover meticulously manicured gardens and terraces, each offering a mesmerizing panorama that will leave you spellbound.


If you choose to have a town hall-style wedding, you are permitted to do so from Monday to Saturday, during morning hours only. Please note that Sunday weddings are not allowed by default, although we can make a request to the town hall and it will ultimately be at their discretion.


You and your guests will have the opportunity to stay here and indulge in a truly enchanting wedding reception.  There is no accommodation on site however there are various options in the town of Portofino and the surroundings.  We proudly classify this venue as a 5-star Exclusive location. Please refer to Quote, Reference 4253 for further details.




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