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Our favourite Church located in Rome's Vatican City.  This is a 16th-century parish church on the Via Sant'Anna. The ideal location for an intimate Catholic wedding.



The entrance is Borrominiesque, with a high molded semi-circular archivolt on thin Doric pilasters almost touching the entablature. The tympanum of this contains a lunette window with a curlicued wrought iron guard. The doorway itself, which is large, is flanked by another pair of Doric pilasters set at an outward facing angle and with a pair of triglyphs below the capitals. Above the lintel is an elliptical tondo with a stucco relief of St Anne teaching Our Lady to read, and this is embellished with a dished molding, a pair of stucco cornucopias and a curlicued archivolt on top. It conceals much of the lunette.


The church is just inside the Via Sant'Anna gate of the Vatican, and there is always a Swiss Guard on duty beside the entrance. 

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