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Cilento wedding venue

The ancient palazzo is divided into two distinct areas: the old part, which retains its historical charm, and the modernized part, which offers contemporary amenities. This property not only provides accommodation on-site but also offers a variety of spaces, giving you the freedom to choose according to your preferences.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of this venue, where the ceremony can be held either in the charming courtyard or on the picturesque beach, while the reception can take place in the park or garden area. As the night falls, the festivities can continue until midnight or even 1 am in a separate designated space.

To secure this remarkable location for your event, a minimum of 9 rooms must be booked, ensuring exclusivity and privacy for you and your guests.

One of the greatest advantages of this venue is its central location, placing you within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and, of course, the beautiful beach. This makes it the perfect setting for your dream Italian wedding.

Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration with up to 300 guests, this villa can accommodate your needs and create unforgettable memories.


We classify this venue as 4-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 2464.

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