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One of the most well-preserved examples of Art Nouveau in Italy, and offering a perfect blend of history and contemporary comfort with access to Lake Garda and the town of Salo.

The villa was built at the start of the 20th century. Majestic and elegant, it has frescoes by Bertolotti and Landi, large wrought iron spirals and refined wooden inlay. Surrounded by a charming garden with sweet-smelling flowerbeds and shaded areas where it is possible to dine outdoors as early as spring.  For your wedding there are a range of spaces where it is possible to have a small intimate gathering or a larger event and the largest event is up to 80 persons. 

With accommodation on site, up to 25 rooms, all stylishly furnished with views of the garden or lake, and some have a private balcony. All rooms are welcoming, romantic and sophisticated down to the minutest detail. The ideal venue for families, those in search of art and culture or those of you who just need to relax.

Quote, Reference: 4449a.

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