monumental florence





A monumental palazzo, this is what Florence is really about. The total seating capacity for your Italian wedding is 250/300 and we would recommend the aperitif to be held in the gallery and along the staircase and then head to the piano nobile or main floor which opens with a Gallery overlooking an Italian-style garden. This makes it possible to capture the maximum amount of daylight from the outside, creating refractive light play between the various rooms. This area leads onto the other rooms: the huge Salone Delle Feste or Ballroom, and the smaller Sala Del Ciseri, the drawing-room situated at the end of the Gallery.  

Choosing this venue will make you part of the Florentine elite and your guests will be surrounded by art.  The decoration of the palace, which covers much of the ground floor, the first floor, and the mezzanines, can be considered one of the most important early 18th-century painting cycles in Florence. It was painted during the reign of Cosimo III de' Medici and is the highest quality example of Florentine late Baroque art. Some rooms were decorated by Giovan Camillo Sagrestani and his collaborators Ranieri Del Pace and Matteo Bonechi. In other rooms, the painting was done by Antonio Puglieschi, Niccolò Lapi, Attanasio Bimbacci, Francesco Botti and Giovan Domenico Ferretti.  Only 10 minutes from the Duomo so in the true heart of Florence.  We classify this venue as 5 star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 2411.