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The beauty of this location is that you have a range of options. You have the main XVIIth country estate. It is set outside Monopoli in Puglia with a pool, spa, and restaurant as well as some amazing olive trees.  It is possible to have your ceremony and your reception here. Then you could stay here, or they have a boutique location that faces the sea. Entering this heaven, the expanse of blue pools takes your breath away. 

A thalassic concept includes seven pools, plunges, and cascades, stretching before the 13 exclusive guestrooms. Behind each room is the dramatically beautiful Adriatic, where shallow splashes on the rocks lead to a sandy sea bed, an irresistible invitation. With a private beach with parasols and loungers. Then there is the beach club which would be ideal for a beach wedding and for a beach reception, but not the classic style reception, it would be casual and laid back. Alternatively, there is an outside restaurant that you can walk to from the beach. Everything about this location commands perfection. 


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Beach Wedding Puglia
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