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This palazzo is well hidden away from prying eyes, near the Frari church and was built in the late fourteenth century by Carlo Zeno, “Capitano da mar”, a hero in Chioggia’s war waged by Venice against Genoa. The fine gothic facade of the palazzo overlooking the canal of San Stin, has been preserved intact and is surmounted by elegant obelisks dating from the seventeenth century. The Zen family can be traced back to its very early origins having played a part in Venetian history ever since the time of the Partecipazio-Badoer; furthermore, it provided the Serenissima with a Doge (Renier Zeno, 1253), as well as various ambassadors, senators, and cardinals.

There are a range of spaces available here at the palace and one can take the boat to the entrance leading right into the garden with the use of all the rooms on the ground floor. We then move upstairs to the piano nobile and even here we have a selection of rooms to choose from. From the Sala Amigoni to the Sala Degli Stucchi and the Portego which is the ideal set up for the soiree to follow. Understated and the perfect setting for a Venetian wedding.



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