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The ancient castle dates back to the beginning of the Xth century when it belonged to Rovaldo Baldassini, father of Sant'Ubaldo, patron saint of the town of Gubbio. In the XVII century, the property was left to the Curia of Gubbio that built a church dedicated to San Biagio and Santa Liberata. The church was in use until the property was abandoned, owing to a decline in the population of the area. In 2001 Riccardo & Marilisa Parisi discovered the old hamlet and immediately fell in love with that "pile of rocks" dreaming to bring life back at the Borgo. The restoration took many years of devotion and was carried out using original materials and preserving the character of the place. Most of the furniture, paintings, china, and silver are from the owners family collection.


Only 12km from the medieval town of Gubbio and each occasion is unique and is a nice excuse to spend time together in an unforgettable place where time stands still! Discover the magic of being in your own medieval country village. An ideal location for intimate weddings.  We classify this venue as 5-star Rustic. Quote, Reference 4416.

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