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On the outskirts of Sorrento, there is this beach club which dates back to the 50s. Located in the centre of a splendid inlet on the Sorrento coast, the beach club is full of services and offers a series of comforts designed to give guests moments of intense relaxation and pleasant fun. The beach is made up of sand and fine gravel, it overlooks a mirror of clean and transparent water. The restaurant is distinguished by the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea, surrounded by the green of the mountain and the blue of the sea, it welcomes guests in a unique and exclusive setting. At lunch it is characterised by a traditional menu, with classic seafood dishes, while for the evening it offers a fine dining service with gourmet proposals. The panoramic terraces and the beach represent the ideal place to celebrate your wedding on the sea. Set in a scenario of natural harmony and Mediterranean atmosphere, they combine elegance and essentiality, ensuring an exciting and suggestive event. They will allow the wedding to take place on the beach for small weddings however bear in mind that they will be unable to clear the beach of the sun umbrellas.


The wide spaces of the location can accommodate different types of events and anniversaries. From gourmet dinners organized on the panoramic terrace of the restaurant, to gala dinners and evening parties on the sea. It is also possible to enjoy a beach party.

A great beach location. Quote, Reference 4467e.

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