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A late sixteenth-century estate villa, nestled in the Tuscan countryside close to the beautiful city of Arezzo. The villa combines elegance and charm. The precious frescoes of the internal rooms of the villa have been restored to their original splendour, as have the spaces of the exterior. Beyond the state rooms available to clients and guests on the piano nobile, the large Italian garden located at the rear of the villa, the tree-lined entrance road, the front garden that leads to Buontalenti’s monumental stairs and the graceful chapel of the villa (decorated with paintings by the Marchese Francesco da Cepperello Pasquali, the great-grandfather of the current owner) are of particular picturesque quality.

Accommodation is available very close to the property. Guests can stay at Il Borro, enjoying the splendid estate as they best see fit. Il Borro also offers all the services and amenities that will make your stay relaxing and unforgettable. We organise transfers to and from the villa so that you can hold events at the villa while enjoying perfect accommodation at the Ferragamo estate for the number of nights you need.

The villa has ample space with the internal capacity equalling 400/internal standing: 550/outdoor seating more than 500/Outdoor standing: 1000. Quote, Reference 44867. 

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