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town hall wedding IN VERONA

Verona has many options available for your Italian wedding... from the simple to the truly dramatic and what a place to tie the knot....this is the world of Romeo and Juliet, how more romantic can we get.


For your wedding, we have The legendary Juliet's house. This is where Juliet's balcony is located. There is the courtyard below where everyone heads to and is featured in the film to Verona with love…We can do something very special here but couples need to be accommodated at a hotel of our suggestion, truly spectacular and romantic. Then there is the Notary's Chapel, the frescoed hall at Palazzo Guarienti in the cloister of the historical Monastery built in the XIIIth Century and the Palazzo Barbieri, Sala Arrazzi, A range of other places are also available and used by the Verona council which allows you to celebrate your Italian wedding. Just call and ask for details. This would be the perfect option for ceremony and reception.

We start off with this palazzo, located In the heart of Verona, a few metres from Piazza Erbe. This palace still has parts dating back to the Middle Ages in its constructive stratifications. The present façade is of a late 16th century period with classic architectural lines that are harmoniously modulated between them. Restructured in post-Napoleonic times according to a neo-classical taste. The interior decorations, working on monochrome and modelled on Roman classicism, are reminiscent of divinities and heroes of Mythology. The Hall and the side rooms can accommodate up to 100 people when seated at tables and 150 people for standing events buffet style. The Hall is 110 sqm and the total surface area of the entire space is 235 sqm.  Also a B&B is located in this palazzo. 


The Palace is an aristocratic mansion of the '700s, whose name is inherited from the noble family Verità-Poeta, who had always been Verona's residents. The history intertwines with that of the city through the centuries, up to the point of getting lost in its origins. For almost fifty years, the palace was under construction and decoration, in which some of the most famous Italian artists of the time took part. The best known of them was definitely Antonio Galli da Bibiena (1697-1774), a famous European architect and theatre builder. 


The Palace includes seven beautiful halls, accessible from the large hall of 100 square metres located on the first floor. The various halls can accommodate between 2 to 300 persons. Each hall has its own history, its own peculiarities and characteristics rendering it unique. Each one has been refinely decorated with eighteenth-century frescoes and typical furnishings. There is also a cellar which is completely soundproofed and would be ideal for a party.


  • minimum of 2 people sitting at the tables

  • maximum of 320 people sitting at the tables

  • The Main hall maximum of 120 people sitting at the tables



  • Garden of about 1,000 square metres

  • Open all year round

Within a few minutes walking distance from the historical centre of Verona and immersed in the silence of a garden of ancient olive trees, this property is the ideal place to celebrate an unforgettable wedding in the peace and tranquillity of an uncontaminated environment. The story goes that Fra’ Lorenzo, a friend, and confidant of the lovers Romeo and Juliet, was a Franciscan friar and famous herbalist who picked his medicinal herbs on the green hills of Verona (Torricelle). The friar used to pause to meditate among these secular olive trees with his eyes turned towards the charming view of the town. Guests can marry here in the gardens of the property and also stay here and enjoy its charm. 

The Villa which was built in the Valpantena valley following the wish of the Counts Giusti in the fifteen hundreds is only 6 Km from the centre of Verona. The sixteenth century Cà Vendri is a typical Venetian villa, immersed in a silent secular 7-hectare park with a magnificent path lined with cypresses, statues, fountains and a nymphaeum colonnade. For centuries this Villa and its park have been the ideal place for festivals, meetings, and weddings. For weddings and meetings the villa offers a unique and high-class setting. Ideal to celebrate and share moments of work and pleasure. The Great Hall, which is 180 sqm and the rooms that lead out of the Hall - and which are ideal for smaller gatherings - can host up to 260 seated guests. Under the imposing truss of the 16th-century roof, the conference room can sit up to 100 participants comfortably. The loggia and portico are also ideal for cocktails and buffets in the open. 

 The present building dates back to 1400, while the frescoes on its inside walls and the noble chapel date back to the sixteenth century (school of Paolo Caliari, known as the "Veronese").  Worth noticing is the Hall of the Emperors, whose ceiling, frescoed with grotesquerie decorations, is the work of Bernardino India, who collaborated with Andrea Palladio. With a range of wonderful spaces where you can accommodate your wedding.  With a central body and 7 frescoed halls. each accommodating between 100 to  300 for cocktails and 70 to 250 for banquets. 

A green oasis only six kilometres from Piazza Bra, with its great variety of secular trees, blooming shrubs, and level lawns. You will, therefore, have a precious setting to realize your event, in an unforgettable atmosphere that will be appreciated by nature lovers. There is also a marquee on site for internal receptions. 

This villa is just a few kilometres from the centre of Verona and is owned by the Polfranceschi family. The building maintains its 16th-century structure enhanced by a careful restoration that was able to recover the original materials. A large garden, which is an ideal setting for open-air aperitifs, greets the guests at the entrance. You will experience an elegant and warm atmosphere in the internal courtyard and in the barchessa (porticoed building). The diversity of the settings and the subdued and elegant rooms make this villa the ideal venue for your wedding. The internal spaces can accommodate up to 110 persons and the garden can accommodate many more. 

The gentle outline of the Veronese hills, at Montorio, is the natural setting for this villa, a large and articulated complex of buildings the nucleus of which dates back to the 1500s. An ancient place that brings with it and conveys the peculiar charm of time, a place that relives, that is capable of accepting with its composed elegance the signs of the present times. The villa’s three wings welcome visitors in a warm embrace. The villa’s recent renovation has created a multifunctional structure where it is possible to organise events of any nature in the ballroom, in the other 15 rooms and halls, as well as in the cellars. The ceremony actually takes place in the frescoed rooms of the villa itself or in the historic park, thanks to the agreement with the council of Verona.

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