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Our Story

This journey started back in the 1990s by complete chance. I had been a travel consultant creating bespoke Italian holidays and had been doing this for quite a while. One specific day I got a phone call from one of my clients who were heading out to Lake Como, asking me if I could contact the local town hall in Bellagio and ensure whether their paperwork had arrived and also to organise an interpreter, bouquet, and photographer, how difficult could it be.  I of course called the town hall and then got in touch with my colleagues on Lake Como, and I was able to get everything organised with a boat thrown in for good measure! After this eventful day and a glass of white wine that evening, I thought what a great idea, why don't I organise weddings in Italy. I knew the country well due to my parents who had come to the UK back in the 1950s, I had some amazing contacts, beautiful venues, I spoke Italian, so I decided to organise weddings. 

It took a whole year to learn everything and to go and visit the venues as there is just so much to consider, it is not like a holiday, it is more intense and there are many considerations. My first wedding was Sue and Andrew (who have now become dear friends). They wanted an intimate wedding with family and friends on Lake Garda. The wedding took place and it all went well. The next big one was my own wedding. Of course, it had to go well as it would have been very embarrassing as not only were family and friends invited but also a lot of my business associates. I got married in a private villa overlooking the bay of Positano, it was amazing, from the ceremony to the canapes, the reception to the wedding cake which was made on-site, the band to the fireworks. From this moment on, I learned so much and was now able to understand the meaning of being a bride and getting married. It is a truly beautiful thing and the best day of your life.

This is my mission, to make each one of my couples have the perfect day as it goes so quickly and it is important to live every single moment, without having to think about flowers or vegetarian meals. It is all about you and having one of the best days of your life. I am committed to my clients and I ensure that the whole process is easy, friendly, honest and I am always available. My aim is not to have hundreds of weddings per year as it will be difficult to manage them all in a bespoke manner, as we are a small family run business, our aim is to ensure that everything runs well as Weddings Made In Italy has grown through word of mouth. 

This website is all about showing you the different opportunities available to you and that there are endless possibilities, however, it is always a good idea to discuss what could work for you as a couple. If you just want to talk to us about a wedding you have organised yourself and need information, this is also possible. We charge a one-off fee of £ 175.00 plus VAT for up to 1 hour. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Rosa Spatola

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