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This is a beach club located in the heart of Sorrento and sitting comfortably on the sea. Open from April through to October, during the day, it offers its customers an elegant environment with many special services: 30 changing cabins, floating sunbeds, king size sunbeds, leisure areas with giant sofas and privès with Jacuzzi, and it is the only beach with towel service; while in the afternoon and evening, it becomes a very romantic spot and couples can enjoy their reception here.


Couples can marry at the local town hall and then access the restaurant using the free shuttle bus service provided by them, or access the venue on foot or direct lift via the public garden next to the Cloister with an amazing view over the Gulf of Vesuvius. You can reserve the whole place or just a part of it and also arrange to use the beach establishment service in the morning for your guests. The owners here are very flexible, so if you have something in mind let us know and we will see what we can do for you.


We classify this venue as 3-star Gold. Quote, Reference 4278.

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