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The Italian Connection & Spirito Italiano

The main objective is to take care of you. There are no set packages as all the trips organised by them are completely bespoke.  Their trips to Italy are unique and shaped to your specific requirements. ​ They are as far from the run of the mill tour as the Brenner Pass is from the island of Pantelleria.  All they need to know is how long you wish to be away, indicative dates and budget, and an idea of what you wish to experience.  It does not mean that they are more expensive just because they are bespoke, but it means that their knowledge of Italy is wide and varied.  

They will help you to create the perfect experience, from discovering the art and culture of Italy to touring off the beaten track and unearthing inaccessible villages, exploring new gems while of course savouring legendary wines and enjoying the regional foods.  Perhaps you wish to enjoy the spring serenity of Sicily or the milder, misty climes of the Tuscan hills in autumn. Whether you are after the cosy B&B or the all-inclusive resort, the city apartment, or the luxury pad, Ideal when organising your trip to Italy whether it be for your Italian wedding or your honeymoon.  Quote TIC for a 5% discount for stays of up to 5 nights plus a bottle of Prosecco on arrival!

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Venetian Vase

Ars Cenedese Murano

Founded in 1946, Ars Cenedese Murano, thanks to the high quality and exclusivity of its production, has soon established itself internationally as one of the most prestigious glass factories on the island of Murano, the world’s capital of artistic mouth-blown glassworks. Though remaining closely bound to the ancient tradition of classical Murano glass (dating back to the 12th century) through the production of exquisite and refined pieces, Ars Cenedese Murano is constantly open to the suggestions of contemporary art, setting itself on the forefront of artistic glassmaking. For its marked artistic sensibility and calling to excellence, thanks to the skills and capabilities of the glass masters, each and every item is unique and special, the true image of the love for glass and beauty.

If you wish to create something unique and visit the atelier, this can be arranged or look at their wonderful collection which ranges from the modern to the classic and the hand-decorated. It would also be ideal as favours for your guests, what better favour could you ask for.  Book your visit through Weddings Made In Italy and a possible 5% discount will be provided on purchases of over £ 300.00

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Vietri Sul Mare

For centuries, this town outside Salerno has been at the forefront of producing ceramics. From floor and wall tiles to vases and plates, ashtrays to figurines, sacred objects, and more. With the assistance of Vittoria, we have put together the following for you, allowing you to enjoy the ceramics on offer, either by buying them as gifts for friends and relatives or buy considering them as favours for guests, especially if you will be marrying on the Amalfi and the Cilento Coast. 

You will meet at the Palazzo Della Guardia which has a range of international ceramic artworks. Duration of the course: usually 2h30h (1h tour of Vietri Sul Mare and 1h30m workshop).

You will have the opportunity of buying ceramics on site. A shuttle service is available if you are unable to drive to the location. 

Winter Clothes Model

The Mall - Florence & San Remo

This luxury outlet brings together the most valuable luxury brands worldwide: Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen. Following the success achieved worldwide, the company has decided to expand opening another luxury outlet. For this reason, The Mall Sanremo was inaugurated in June 2019.


The Mall Luxury Outlet offers the unique opportunity of an exclusive shopping experience surrounded by the wonderful landscapes of the Tuscan countryside and the Riviera Dei Fiori. Over the years The Mall Luxury Outlet has become a 360 ° tourist destination with over 2 million visitors a year from all over the world. Quote TICMall for a free Return transfer to the Mall. 

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Paola Cipriani

Paola Cipriani is the designer of these beautiful wedding dresses which are just samples of her creativity. The designer uses different tailoring techniques as well as exclusive fabrics and quality materials to create unique, refined, and personalised pieces. Her collections are the fruit of continuous research of what is original, in order to manage to express the elegance and sensuality of every woman, drawing and creating the right fabrics, choosing embroidery and adding details that may represent her, thus giving rise to her unique creations of high fashion couture.


The most demanding customers will appreciate the originality and quality of the high couture dresses, and they can personally verify their difference from the more common pret-a-porter ones. They may, in fact, see the craftsmanship of the clothes made from fabrics, the Made In Italy brand, and the exclusive quality, embellished with embroidery and accessories sewn by expert seamstresses and embroiderers who use the finest tailoring techniques. Paola also provides a collection of pre and after ceremony dresses and jewellery designed by her.

Ideal for brides looking for that Made In Italy dress which they will treasure forever and for all the grooms out there, a touch of design and Swarovsky will make the perfect gift.

Allow us to arrange an appointment with Paola in her atelier in Rome and we will ensure that you enjoy a discount on your purchases. 

Wine Bottles

Umbria - Montefalco

This winery produces wines in one of the most suitable and important areas for the viticulture of Central Italy, Montefalco (Umbria). Here the pedoclimatic conditions allow the production of autochthonous and very prestigious wines which are obtained from selected grapes and certified by the severe Discipline of the Consortium of Montefalco, “If the work in the vineyard is carried on with respect, its product will be of excellent quality”. This is the philosophy that leads the winery to reach their targets through healthy and accurate management of the whole supply chain. Producing about 100.000 bottles per year following traditional production methods that have been inherited from generation to generation. 

The winery is an exclusively female-run where Eleonora Alessandrelli and Anna Rita Scarca, with the love for their land passed on to them by their families, take care of the farm by committing themselves to the enhancement of Montefalco wines and the preservation of their beautiful land.

Other products: Cured meats and cheeses; extra virgin olive oil; sauces and jellies. 

Buy 6 bottles, get one free.

Barrel Stack

Gavi Piedmont

The estate extends into the territory of Pratolungo, a tiny traditional village in the heart of the lands of Cortese and Gavi D.O.C.G.surrounded by three sunny and hilly amphitheatres. Pratolungo has always been suited to agricultural activities, thanks also to the particular exposure and the favorable microclimate it benefits from. The estate includes what was once known as Ca ‘da Meo: a set of vineyards, fields, and farms that were originally part of the large landed estates reserved to noble Genoese families, such as the Lomellini, the Spinola, the Doria, and the Pinelli.

The estate extends over twelve hectares, all cultivated in Cortese grape variety. The production system is being converted into organic as of August 2017.  With the eco-sustainable system started in the new cellar and in its own vineyards, the estate now has organisational tools and technology necessary to supervise and optimise production:

• The management of the products used in the cultivation phases
• The wine-making and bottling process
• The use of water resources and energy supply from renewables
• Care in the harvest phase (the harvest is carried out by hand and with 20kg wooden boxes, and vineyard maintenance
• Continuous experimentation for vinification with a minimum use of sulphites, in fact, the company produces wines with an added sulphite content reduced at the minimum quantity, needed to guarantee a good long-life, also thanks to careful preservation from oxidation in the vinification and bottling phases.

The estate produces wines with an added sulphite content reduced at the minimum quantity, needed to guarantee a good long-life, also thanks to careful preservation from oxidation in the vinification and bottling phases.

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