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This beach is like a dream come true, it is magnificently set on stunning pure white sand bathed by turquoise water with a pine forest backdrop where you can rest and stroll in the shade of the trees that keep the beach protected. The sea in this area is often compared to that of Polynesia and it has often been called “Little Tahiti”. 


The crystal clear water and the shallow sea bottom of this beach make it particularly suitable for children. Sun lovers will find umbrellas and sunbeds lined up on a pleasant grass lawn turf surrounded by fruit and olive trees, a stone's throw from the water's edge. There are sunbeds on the sand too, both behind the small dunes and by the shore. The Kiosk bar which is not too far away is open all day.



The beach here is surrounded by lush and wild vegetation that makes the scenery this side of the Tyrrhenian Sea really enchanting. “I Giardini” overlook the bay which is part of the Protected Marine Area, an extremely interesting area for both flora and fauna on the land and in the sea. In 1997 this area became a protected area, which includes the area stretching from S.Teodoro Pond to the three zones which were given special protection status: the island of Tavolara, Molara, and Molarotto. The island of Tavolara emerges like a granite giant from the horizon line to create a scenic backdrop to the bay. Just above the horizon line, you may see the profile of the island of Tavolara, which creates a scenic backdrop that completes the panorama of the bay. At the end of the 19th century, Tavolara was even recognized as an independent kingdom and a photograph of its King and Queen Elizabeth II is said to hang in Buckingham Palace.



It is possible to hire the gardens for your event with catering, bar service and live music being provided. This is for those of you in search of something different and unique. We classify this venue as 3-star Gold. Quote, Reference 4453h.



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