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There are so many options for getting married in Italy which will simply amaze you. What about getting married on an Italian mountain, a chalet, or outside with the mountains as your backdrop. What about getting married in Tuscany or Umbria. Think of a Tuscan wedding in a country house or a rustic farm, or why not enjoy a luxury wedding in a grand villa or even more exciting an Italian castle wedding.. Whether your wedding in Italy is Catholic, Jewish, Greek, or Russian Orthodox, there are suitable options throughout. There is the beauty of an Amalfi Coast wedding where you can choose between luxury villas, small farmhouses, churches, hotels, and more. If you are looking for a truly unique and luxury villa, you will be spoilt for choice. Getting married in Positano provides you with a certain uniqueness due to the offer available here but then you can get married in Ravello or why not Amalfi. Consider places like the drama of Furore, the charm of Sorrento. What about getting married on the beautiful island of Capri. Get married on the Italian Riviera, places like the simplicity of Portovenere in a church which sits precariously on the rock with the sea lashing against its side. What about the sophistication of Portofino. Think of getting married in Santa Margherita where Rooney tied the knot. Further down the Ligurian coast, we have the simplicity of Le Cinque Terre which is the ideal solution for small and intimate weddings. Consider a beach wedding in Sicily or why not consider getting married in the Apulian countryside. Then there is the magic of Venice. A wedding in a beautiful ancient palazzo, a wedding in a luxury hotel, or why not a wedding gondola. Enjoy the tranquillity of the Italian lakes, from a wedding on Lake Como to getting married on Lake Garda not forgetting the charm of Lake Maggiore. Do not forget to consider the intimacy of Lake Orta. We now move onto the Italian capital. Getting married in Rome is all about romance. This is the capital of love, think Roman Holiday, La Dolce Vita, The Great Beauty, all romantic masterpieces within their own right. Rome is closely followed by a wedding in Verona, here we have the courtyard where Romeo declared his love for Juliet.

​Here at Weddings Made In Italy, we can organise it all, from catering and receptions whether it be a simple fare or a luxurious statement; wedding flowers, from beautiful bouquets to dramatic floral arrangements; photographers who offer amazing wedding packages and you have an array of photographers to choose from; from videographers to lighting; Makeup and hair. Let’s not forget music for your Italian wedding. Choose from Italian trios and quartets to Italian bands, DJs to opera singers. 

​Combine the above with the services we provide. We offer everything you need so that your experience is perfect, from the moment you land to the moment you leave. We can arrange flights (Spirito Italiano) to private transfers by car or even better by boat; tours and excursions whether private or part of a group. Accommodation which ranges from Italian hotels and farmhouses to self-catering villas or apartments. Whether you are after luxury or simplicity, we offer this and more. Take away the stresses and allow us to create the perfect Italian wedding.

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