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From the proposal to the celebration of your love on your wedding day, this Venetian palace is the ideal place to create unique memories. Whether you start your “forever” on the Terrace waterfront or in the privacy of the Redentore Terrace (on the rooftop), you’ll remember these moments throughout your lifetime.  

The Palace offers the most splendid setting for celebrating that special day in one of the most romantic cities in the world, catering to intimate wedding receptions and banquets for up to 80 guests in their main Salone.

The glittering chandeliers of Murano glass, fine wood shaped by local craftsmen hundreds of years ago, fine coloured brocade and refined marble polished by hand are only a few of the jewels inside of The Gritti Palace. Decorations to further embellish your wedding, timeless masterpieces of art to offer the maximum elegance.  

Every dish on the customised wedding menus is an expression of the mastery and creativity of Executive Chef Daniele Turco, with the “sweet note” entrusted to the talented Chef Pâtissiere creator of cakes worthy of royal palaces and an expert in interpreting the fantasies of the bride. The courteous and considerate attention of Head Maîtres Enrico Ribon and Domenico Isabella and their team ensure that the happy couple fully enjoys each precious moment of the day and the company of their guests. Every detail of the celebration is realised perfectly according to the couple’s desires, from flower arrangements matching the bridal colours to a personalised wedding cake. 


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A Wedding Venue In Venice
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