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palazzo Ravello.JPG

A very luxurious 5-star 12th century Italian villa sitting majestically high up on the cliffs and offering up to 43 rooms.  From the Ravello alleyway the entrance is simple but once inside you are surrounded by charm and elegance. There are various spaces where it is possible to hold your Italian ceremony and up to 40 persons can sit quite comfortably here, however, it is only possible after 1830. There is a smaller one where up to 20 persons can be seated.


For large groups of up to 75 persons, it is possible to rent the main restaurant for the exclusive use of the couple and music is allowed and possible here until about 2300/2330 at a push. For smaller groups of up to 15 persons, it is possible for them to enjoy dinner on the panoramic terrace with other guests.


We classify this venue as 5-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 832.

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