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The villa is a historical residence of the Trivulzio Princes since the sixteenth century and is located in Omate, in the green Brianza and only a few kilometres from Milan. The villa, with its magnificent architecture and its large park that extends for 24 hectares, tells a story of great splendour, and today it is the perfect location for exclusive weddings and events. This is a villa which is hired for the day and there are a series of rooms which can accommodate between 40 to 120 persons. The villa welcomes you at their Palazzo, their wedding gift to the couple. The villa has its own chef who is masterful and very good. His cuisine comes from a long experience combined with the desire to open to the future, both in the discovery of new ingredients and in the use of new procedures. We classify this venue as 5-star Exclusive. Quote, Reference 4462a.

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