With a selection of restaurants where you can enjoy your Italian wedding, event or romantic dinner. Below is a selection of the endless possibilities available to you and we will provide you with further details on request and subject to your wedding package. 


Olive Appetizer

We must eat to live, and not live to eat - Henry Fielding

In Love With Verona

Innovative dishes and in the heart of Verona. With outside seating and with 2 internal dining rooms where you can have complete privacy. The imperial dining room and the Red dining room. Stunning food with gnocchi to die for. Ref: 4447(7)

A Restaurant in Verona

Behind Ponte Pietra, in the heart of Verona's historical centre. The Restaurant is laid out on different floors, with three rooms plus a small cellar where precious wines are stored. The rooms have a sophisticated and discreet atmosphere, specifically designed for elegant dinners. With a typical menu. Ref: 4447(6)

Unique Verona

Creative cuisine in an atmosphere which is filled with antiques and complete charm. Ideal for small and intimate weddings. In Verona's historical centre. Ref: 4447(5)

Verona Magic

Enclosed in an alley off the historical centre of Verona, equidistant from the Arena and Juliet’s House, the Restaurant has adapted the Renaissance palace that houses it to its image and likeness. It is an elegant place without being too lavish. Welcoming without being demanding. Refined without being fussy. With your own private room if required and an excellent wine cellar. Ref: 4447(4)

Rocks & Caves I Apulia

A stunning scenery of rocks and caves overlooking the sea. There is a hotel here on site and you are in the centre of the small Apulian town. Ref: 4449d).


A cantina with garden and outside spaces and terraces, ideal for a wedding ceremony on site and reception and party. Ref: 4447(3)

Abruzzo Restaurant

A 16th-century former monastery in the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, transformed by a bold and at the same time understated restoration. Materials that capture the eye, refined decor, all surrounded by the spectacle of nature. With accommodatio o site and we are talking Michelin. Ref: 4449g).

By The Sea

In Leuca... and you guessed it - by the sea! Well know for its excellent food and its raw fish. Ref: 4449f).

Palermo Rustic

Ideal for small and intimate weddings and in the true heart of Palermo. Local cuisine is served here. Ref: 4447(2)

Corso Umberto Taormina

Originally a nightclub that opened in 1953 and was frequented by the likes of Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. By the '80s it had become a restaurant with a rooftop terrace that showcased magnificent views out towards Mount Etna and the Bay of Naxos. In the evening there is a nightspot for dancing and a party. Ref: 4447(1)

Outside Taormina

Built into the side of a mountain just north of central Taormina. With outside spaces with breathtaking views and simple interiors. Ref: 4447z)


Listed in countless restaurant guides and has a reputation as one of Italy’s finest restaurants. They hold a Michelin Star and on the menu you’ll find starters of mixed raw seafood served with local lemons, Mozia salt and olive oil or locally grown pumpkin soup with steamed fish, buffalo mozzarella and candied fruit. Ideal for small intimate weddings. Ref: 4447y)


An exclusive, timeless place, synonymous with luxury and tranquillity, a place to discover the many contrasts of the island of Pantelleria. With a range of suites on site and a restaurant which relies on the art of gourmet. Ref: 4447x)

Palermo Unique

Unique and different and in the heart of historical Palermo, Vucciria. Let's get truly Sicilian and enjoy the food which chef Gioacchino Gaglio has turned into an art form. For intimate small weddings. Ref: 4447w)

Palermo Restaurant

In the city's heart with space for a reception and a really good party. With a restaurant upstairs, outdoor terrace for cocktails. With an outside courtyard and an interesting building. Ref: 4447v)

A Venice Restaurant

This place is all about fine dining. Their wine list is excellent and the seafood dishes are some of the best in the city. The interior is modern and unique. In the area of Dorsoduro. Ref: 4447u)

Osteria Veneziana

A passion for cooking, a warm welcome and a desire to continuously maintain excellence: these are the essential ingredients that for many years animate this osteria. Small and Intimate with some seating available outside. Ref: 4447t)

Outside Venice Restaurant

Take over the outside and do something a little different. Have a pizza event and with this place there are 90 different pizzas to choose from. Not only there is also a superb restaurant menu. This place is all about the product. Ref: 4447s)

A Special Day

Head to Piazza San Marco and enjoy an aperitif with guests. Everything about this caffe is traditional and the true essence of Venice. Ref: 4447r)

Venice Restaurant

Close to the Fenice Opera House, this restaurant has stood the test of time and is frequented by Venetians and celebrities alike. With various spaces for your private and intimate event. Excelent food and service. Ref: 4447q)

Badia a Passignano

Located in the heart of Chianti. With internal spaces and a small garden where you can enjoy your Italian reception or meal. Also cookery courses are possible here as well as truffle hunting. They do a great truffle and honey dish. Ref: 4447p)

Siena Restaurant

Located in a 15th-century building, this restaurant offers unique spaces for small and intimate weddings. Ref: 4447o)

Tuscan Secret

A luxurious hotel tucked away in the green hills around Siena. Its kitchen is in the hands of a true Master Chef: Gordon Ramsay. Ref: 3942

Florentine Banquet

A lovely restaurant located close to Piazzale Michelangelo. With a range of internal and external spaces, terraces and garden. Ref: 4447n)

Florentine Panoramics

Traditional menu and on the fifth floor of a centrally located hotel, a special place where you can enjoy haute cuisine whilst enjoying a spectacular panoramic view of Florence's skyline. You will feel like you can almost touch Brunelleschi's dome and Giotto's Tower whilst enjoying dishes that are simple and traditional, yet with colours, flavours and aromas that are reinvented at the hands of talented expert chefs. Ref: 4447m)

A Space In Rome

A villa which provides a range of spaces on 3 different floors as well as providing external spaces, the garden and the terrace which provides one of the best panoramic views in Rome. Ref: 4447k)

The Mushroom

Unique and different and located in the EUR area of Rome. With full clear views because of the capsule. The cuisine combines the details of Italian tradition and with masterly skill relates it to our times. Ref: 4447j)

Spanish Steps

With a panoramic roof top and spaces which can be used for your ceremony and reception. Traditional and charming. Ref: 288

5 Star Restaurant

Located on the 7th floor of a 5 star hotel and offering a range of intimate spaces for your Italian event. Ref: 4447i)

Roman Restaurant

A truly exclusive fine-dining experience with of course an exclusive view, one of the best. Ref: 4447h)

Roman Space

A multifunction space on the terrace of an exhibition centre. Hire it out for your special event and you will not be disappointed. Ref: 4447g)

Roma Restaurant

In Rome's historical centre with a roof top terrace and offering some great food and service. Ref: 4447f)


In the heart of Rome, a kitchen that perfectly balances tradition and innovation. Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto’s hand, is able to give a unique touch to every creation. Every one of his dishes tells him story: the training in Italy and abroad, the experiences with great chefs such as Ferran Adrià and Marco Pierre White. With a rooftop bar which offers an incredible panorama over Piazza del Popolo and the Tiber. Ref: 4447e)

Bardolino Restaurant

A family-run restaurant since 1977, with elegant features. With an outside garden where it is also possible to enjoy your reception. Try their black truffles! Ref: 4447d)

Torri Del Benaco Weddings

Above the roofs of Albisano and wrapped in the cosy intimacy of the villa and garden suspended between the flowers and olive trees, between the land and the lake, to offer you a unique moment of unforgettable emotions. Ref: 4447c)

Malcesine Restaurant

Between the castle and the lake, dining is possible either inside or outside. Exclusive use is possible. Ref: 4447b)

Malcesine Restaurant

At the top of the town of Malcesine, this restaurant provides a modern decor and great food. With a Michelin star and spaces which can open up and provide a lake view. Min 40 and Max about 80. Ref: 4447a)