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Nestled in the picturesque Chianti hills, a mere 20-minute drive from the bustling centre of Florence and 40 minutes from the enchanting city of Siena, lies a charming property that exudes elegance. With a total of 9 exquisitely designed rooms, this haven can comfortably accommodate up to 18 guests. This idyllic retreat serves as an ideal venue for intimate family gatherings, as well as unforgettable weddings. The Inn, reminiscent of a cosy country home, offers a sanctuary where friends and loved ones can bask in the beauty of the awe-inspiring Tuscan landscape. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this remarkable estate, where every corner is adorned with the essence of Tuscan charm. Whether you seek solace in the lush gardens or wish to explore the surrounding vineyards, this property promises an unforgettable experience. Indulge in the finest culinary delights, as the Inn boasts a team of skilled chefs who will craft delectable dishes using locally sourced ingredients. For those seeking adventure, the Inn offers a plethora of activities to suit every taste. Embark on a scenic hike through the rolling hills, or partake in a wine tasting tour to discover the region's renowned vineyards. At day's end, retire to your elegantly appointed room, where comfort and luxury await. Each room is thoughtfully designed to provide a serene ambience, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

We classify this venue as 4-star Rustic. Quote, Reference 3576.

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