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A Cocktail Idea Perhaps?

Consider cocktails for your Italian wedding. Insist with your caterers and have a cocktail moment either after the ceremony or instead of an open bar have a cocktail bar with your own barman. Go on go glamourous with a touch of the decadent!

Consider it fun and add to it so that you have colour and a talking point...a lemon twist, a cocktail parasol, an olive, cherry or subject to the flavours, fruit. Excite your guests with your barman who will imitate Tom Cruise and be your cocktail master.

Here are just a few ideas….there are many others….

1. Dry Martini – does it remind you of anyone?

2. Manhattan

3. Caribbean sunset

4. Chambord Royale

5. Mandarine Breeze which is topped up with cranberry juice and grapefruit juice

6. Courvoisier Silk which has that coconut sprinkle

7. Grand Margarita

8. Christina

9. Tequila Sunrise with a touch of fresh orange juice

10. Alexandria III which uses Sambuca

You may decide to add certain calmness to the whole event. Provide your guests and this may be appreciated more by your "older" guest, Cognac and cigars perhaps… this is the perfect marriage just like Chablis and oysters, champagne and caviar which you could serve before the main reception.


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