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Tips For Viewing Venues For Your Wedding

There are a range of things to be aware of when deciding to visit Italy and view possible wedding venues. Here are 10 things to look out for and consider:

1. Try to arrange a visit Monday to Thursday as the venues can dedicate far more time to you.

2. Try not to organise your visits during Italian festivities or public holidays. Firstly, venues are far too busy and they may not be available to show you round, and secondly it is very difficult to get around as there is far more traffic and many more people.

3. Use your time wisely and ensure that you make your own checks on how to access the properties and how to get there. Get organised before you leave and figure out the best way to access the venues. If you need further details, then contact the venues or your wedding planner and just ask for anything you are not sure of.

4. If visiting lots of venues, make sure that you stay close by and choose your accommodation well. So for example if you are viewing places in Sorrento or in this general area then stay in Sorrento. If you are visiting Ravello, then stay in Ravello. Even though the distances when reviewing the locations seem close, in reality taking into consideration location and traffic, it can take a lot of time. (you also have to factor in getting back!) Why make your break so stressful.

5. Take into consideration that you will need to spend money. We suggest that you do use taxis where necessary, as they will get you to the destination quicker. Or you may have to consider hiring a car or paying for a wedding planner or assistant to dedicate time to you and assist you with the venues.

6. Make sure that before setting off that you have all the relevant numbers at hand so in case of any delay or issues or perhaps you have already seen your ideal place, you can cancel, Bear in mind that the venues will be waiting for you so the more time you give them in advance, the better for them.

7. Make sure that you ask all the relevant questions when visiting and ensure that you take photos as it is very easy to forget, especially if you are viewing lots of venues, they all seem to morph into one. (Take it from someone who knows!!).

8. Make sure that you dedicate enough time to your visits, so if you need to view 10 venues, don't just go there for only 2 days, as not only are you viewing venues, but you also need to consider the time you will be spending at each venue, so do not forget to factor this in. Also try not to cram too many venues in one day, not only is it tiring but you will miss out on the detail.

9. Usually the venues do not provide prices or logistics as there are far too many variations to consider. These visits are all about ensuring that this is the right place for your wedding. Once you go back home, you can start planning and putting prices and logistics together.

10. It is your day so do not forget this, but also do think about your guests as they are coming a long way to celebrate your special day. So when choosing your venue, think about how easy it will be for them to get to; how do they get there, do they need to hire a car or do you have to shuttle guests to and fro; distances from the airport; is there anything they can do before the ceremony and take advantage of during their trip; is there anything you could arrange for them, a tour, a wine tasting, a cookery course, horse-riding...

Hope we have helped you with your journey and if there are any further suggestions, we would appreciate your comments and feedback.


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