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Wedding Tips - Is setting a budget essential

Set a budget…. This is essential

Try to keep to your budget as much as possible. Mаkе sure уοu sit down аt tһе beginning οf tһе process, agree οn һοw much money уου are going tο spend, аnd stick tο іt!

Sticking to a budget will be one of the most difficult things you will need to do, but it is important that you know how much money you can spend. Try and over estimate costs as much as possible as you will see that once you start getting involved in the planning, your requirements do start to take shape and you will see and want things that you never thought you may have wanted or needed for your wedding, trust me it happens all the time. I once had a client who did not have a budget and who said from the beginning that she was not the “typical bride” …… (I have never understood what this means) and that she was not one for flowers and bouquets etc. This bride ended up spending more than £ 5000.00 on flowers and spent a lot of time going through, only because during the process you get carried away by the pictures you see and want to create that same effect. This is just to give you an indication of what to consider when setting aside a budget.

Many couples do nit have a budget. They know what they want but have no idea of budget. Think of getting married as buying a house or a car, you set yourself a budget and start the process. Perhaps the reason for not providing a budget is that you do not want to feel restricted with just a few choices. This is not the case as Italy has many options to offer wedding couples, it is all about being realistic.

By giving your planners a budget they can direct you in the right direction. Without a budget you will be inundated with ideas and recommendations which not only are weddings you cannot afford but will take over a lot of your time and with time you will start getting confused and stressed so it is best to be as direct as possible from the very beginning.

When setting your budget be realistic and try not to bury your head in the sand

For Weddings Made In Italy, the first port of call is to give you a brief outline within the structure of the proposal so that you can see what the main fixed costs as we call them are.

Once the organising starts to take place and we know how many people may be staying at the venue, the flowers required, the number of people at the reception and so forth, the proposal then starts to take shape and also the costs may change as there is far more negotiation power available. This does not always happen but it can. Consider the first port of call as a preliminary proposal to ensure that this is the place for you, and then once details start to get agreed, costs can then be reviewed.

Many couples choose Italy as a wedding destination perhaps because they consider Italy to be cheaper than other destinations which to be perfectly honest, is not true. in comparison to Greece or the Caribbean for example Italy I would say is ranked as one of the most expensive.

So with this in mind, if you are having 80 to 100 people coming to your wedding, then there is no way that a budget of £ 5000 will suffice, it is quite impossible.

Getting married is a major event and should be considered as one. It is a one in a lifetime experience and you will need to come to terms that like all things which in this world are categorised, as soon as you say “wedding” prices change and the main reason for this is the total involvement of all the suppliers to ensure that each aspect of your wedding is covered.

When we recommend places to you we try so hard to ensure that it fits in with your requirements. but it is important that sometimes there is compromise.

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